Introducing ICD in Kindergarten (Germany)

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In a few locations within Germany, interfaith cooperation is leading to Christian/Muslim or Christian/Jewish/Muslim kindergartens.

Gifhorn – a small town in Lower Saxony – started Germany’s first Christian/Muslim kindergarten in 2018, after several years of planning and organization.

The vision fostered by local religious leaders sees kindergarten as a novel form of institutionalised dialogue, producing “conflict mediators” and “resilient children” who are “less prone to violence”.

An opposition campaign by the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) backfired, and actually ended up increasing enrollment in the school. For a well-balanced report, and links to information about several other interfaith kindergartens in Germany, see the Emmerich article.

Source: Emmerich, Arndt-Walter. (2022). Germany’s first Christian-Muslim kindergarten.

Global Dignity Coloring Books

Applied ICD
How Does Your Dignity Feel? coloring book from Global Dignity, New York, NY, USA.

How Does Your Dignity Feel? is a poem/coloring book to help children understand dignity. Simply download, print and begin coloring!

How Does Your Dignity Feel?

The book is currently available in Arabic, English, French, German, Farsi, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Ukrainian. Even more translations are on the way.

All languages are available to download, print and color for free.

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