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ProfilesCandost Aydın is an advisor with an academic background in Economics, Law and Political Science, and Asian Studies. Currently, he is acting as a senior advisor/cluster coordinator for programmes in response to displacement crisis, incorporating measures on labour market interventions, private sector development, civil society development, community-based initiatives, local governance, policy planning and dialogue, education, career guidance and TVET, mental health, and protection.

Candost Aydin

His research interests are flight and migration, forced displacement, humanitarian & development and peace nexus, return and reintegration, socio-economic integration, economic policies, market-based livelihood interventions, labour market interventions, private sector development, change management and sustainable development, circular economy, development economics, geopolitics, society and environment in the context of and beyond area studies.

He has contributed to the following publications: Engaging and Involving Displaced Persons and Host Communities in Project Implementation (GIZ, Oct 19, 2022), Promotion of Digital and Green Transformation for Employment Prospects (25th International Metropolis Conference in Berlin · Sep 19, 2022), Cooperatives as Agencies to Provide Livelihoods for the Refugees in Istanbul During the Covid-19 Pandemic (RC21 – Research Committee on Urban and Regional Development Conference, Athens · Aug 25, 2022), Strengthening the Resilience and Preparedness for Labour Market Disruptions in the Context of Forced Displacement (GIZ, Dec 17, 2020), Business Sector Involvement in TVET in the MENA Region (GIZ, Dec 10, 2020), From Subsidised Employment to the ‘Primary’ Labour Market: A Strategy for Bad Economic Times and for the ‘Hard-to-employ’? (GIZ, Dec 19, 2019).

He can be contacted via candost.aydin AT

Work for CID:

Candost Aydın has translated KC2: Cosmopolitanism, KC11: Intercultural Discourse and CommunicationKC16: Migration, KC18: Intractable ConflictKC24: Asiacentricity, KC26: Global-Local Dialectic, KC27: Globalization, KC49: Intersectionality, KC52:HarmonyKC53: Conflict Management, KC54: Critical Moments, KC64: PeacebuildingKC68: Social Justice, KC71: Safe SpaceKC77: NegotiationKC79: Social CohesionKC89: XenophobiaKC93: TransnationalismKC95: Transnational MediaKC100: Transcultural Communication and KC103: Geoculture into Turkish.

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