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ProfilesCandost Aydın holds a BA in Economics, including Law and Political Science as an exchange student, and an MA in Asian Studies. He is a project management advisor with hands-on experience in the field of private sector development, capacity building and humanitarian & development peace nexus.

He has been enjoying managing & coordinating the implementation of the activities, in particular the operational and financial planning, portfolio management and cooperation development for materialising project measures being implemented in the partnership mechanisms in line with the current economic, social and political developments and legislative affairs; providing technical advice for conceptualisation and defining processes. His research interests are green economy, sustainability, development economics, politics & international relations, society and environment in the context of and beyond area studies. He enjoys moderating workshops, translating academic papers, and being part of CID’s research community.

He was a keynote speaker at Comprehensive Assessment and Profiling of Agricultural Practices in Adana and Gaziantep Provinces in the Context of Syrian Refugee Crisis Response (a workshop & conference in Turkey); and Increasing the Adaptability of SMEs’ Employers and Employees to the Changes in the Global Economy (a conference in Turkey). He took part as a panelist in the following events: Network International Cooperation in Conflicts and Disasters, Displacement, Return and Reintegration (working group in Germany); Sustainable Economic Development in the MENA Region (conference in Germany); Mapping of Good Practices for Business Sector Involvement in TVET in the MENA Region (study & publication); Empowering Mediterranean Youth to Strengthen the Resilience of Ecosystems in a Post-Pandemic World (a session of One Nature, One Future Global Youth Summit in France); Economic Inclusion Potentials of Young Refugees (conference in Turkey); Strengthening Resilience and Preparedness for Labour Market Disruptions in the Context of Forced Migration (conference in Germany); Vocational Training and Labour Markets (conference in Germany); and Refugees’ Access to the Labour Market (conference in Turkey).

He can be contacted via candost.aydin AT

Work for CID:

Candost Aydın has translated KC2: Cosmopolitanism, KC11: Intercultural Discourse and CommunicationKC16: Migration, KC18: Intractable ConflictKC24: Asiacentricity, KC26: Global-Local Dialectic, KC27: Globalization, KC49: Intersectionality, KC52:HarmonyKC53: Conflict Management, KC54: Critical Moments, KC64: PeacebuildingKC68: Social Justice, KC71: Safe SpaceKC77: Negotiation, and KC79: Social Cohesion into Turkish.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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