Key Concept #54: Critical Moments by Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Key Concepts in ICDThe next issue of Key Concepts in intercultural Dialogue is now available. This is KC54: Critical Moments by Beth Fisher-Yoshida. As always, all Key Concepts are available as free PDFs; just click on the thumbnail to download. Lists organized  chronologically by publication date and numberalphabetically by concept in English, and by languages into which they have been translated, are available, as is a page of acknowledgments with the names of all authors, translators, and reviewers.

Key Concept #54: Critical moments by Beth Fisher-Yoshida

Fisher-Yoshida, B. (2015). Critical moments. Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue, 54. Available from:

The Center for Intercultural Dialogue publishes a series of short briefs describing Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue. Different people, working in different countries and disciplines, use different vocabulary to describe their interests, yet these terms overlap. Our goal is to provide some of the assumptions and history attached to each concept for those unfamiliar with it. As there are other concepts you would like to see included, send an email to the series editor, Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz. If there are concepts you would like to prepare, provide a brief explanation of why you think the concept is central to the study of intercultural dialogue, and why you are the obvious person to write up that concept.

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Beth Fisher-Yoshida Profile

ProfilesDr. Beth Fisher-Yoshida is a Facilitator, Educator, Mediator and Executive Coach, who partners with clients to develop initiatives that will foster change resulting in improved communication, organizational performance and quality of life.

Beth Fisher-Yoshida

She is President and CEO of Fisher Yoshida International, LLC, and clients have included global organizations in the Fortune 100, private sector, nonprofit and government sectors, military and security forces, communities, school districts and academic institutions. Dr. Fisher-Yoshida is Director and Faculty of the Master of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and Co-Chair of the Advanced Consortium for Cooperation, Conflict and Complexity (AC4) at the Earth Institute, both at Columbia University. She serves on the Boards of the CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution, Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies, and the International Advisory Board of Sunkhronos Institue.

Dr. Fisher-Yoshida takes a systemic approach to working on complex issues with multiple stakeholders through facilitated, interdisciplinary collaborative processes. She has more than 25 years experience in the areas of change management; leadership development; conflict resolution management systems, negotiation and mediation; intercultural communication and diversity; team development and effectiveness; and performance management. She has worked globally across a variety of industries including Asia and the Middle East, Africa, Europe and North America, in finance, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, education, military and the arts.

Dr. Fisher-Yoshida has been working globally with the United Nations and WHO as an external consultant for more than 18 years. She worked as faculty in the Eisenhower Leadership Development Program, a joint collaboration between West Point and Columbia University. Prior to that she was a Training Manager with McKinsey & Company, Japan, a management-consulting firm that focuses on working with top leadership and management on strategy.

She has published many articles, chapters, and has authored and edited books. Her main areas of expertise in consulting and writing involve conflict resolution and collaborative processes, intercultural communication, transformative learning and Coordinated Management of Meaning (CMM), which takes a communication perspective.

Dr. Fisher-Yoshida received her Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems and MA in Organization Development from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California. She graduated with honors when she received her MA from Columbia University. She received both a BA and a BS from Buffalo State College. Dr. Fisher-Yoshida is a Certified Clinical Sociologist (CCS). She speaks conversational Japanese and lived and worked in Japan for 13 years.

Work for CID:
Beth Fisher-Yoshida wrote KC54: Critical Moments and KC77: Negotiation.

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