CFP UKFIET 2023: Education for Social & Environmental Justice: Diversity, Sustainability, Responsibility

ConferencesCall for Papers: UKFIET 2023: Education for Social and Environmental Justice: Diversity,
Sustainability, Responsibility, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, 12-14 September 2023. Deadline: 17 March 2023.

Crises including the COVID-19 pandemic, the unfolding climate emergency and ongoing and resurgent violent conflict have shown that progress towards a sustainable planet is fragile and reversible. Ensuing and ever-increasing inequality and injustice threaten progress towards the goal of equitable quality education and lifelong learning (including social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative aspects) for all by 2030 (SDG4) and require urgent remediation and mitigation. Education and learning among marginalised groups in particular must be prioritised as a shared global responsibility if the tide of widening inequalities and injustices is to be stemmed and in furtherance of global human rights. Moreover, equitable and sustainable progress require much more than ’business as usual’, calling not only for innovation but for transformation. Re-thinking conceptualisations of education and learning and spaces where they take place (diverse learning spaces such as home, community, religious spaces, among many others) is critical. Re-imagining relations between global North and South in education and learning is fundamental to addressing marginalisation and its root causes, including by ‘reversing the gaze’ to critically examine the role played by the North in education, learning, and development from the perspectives of the global majority.

This conference will bring together scholars and practitioners in the field of international education, training, and lifelong learning at this crucial half-way point on the timeline set for the SDGs in 2015, offering opportunity for diverse and critical dialogue and debate on ways forward in this crucial field of research and practice.

CFP Diasporic Heritage & Identity (Netherlands)

ConferencesCall for Papers: Memory Studies Association’s Annual Conference on Diasporic Heritage and Identity,  22-23 June 2023, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Deadline: 31 March 2023.

In the interdisciplinary vocabulary of heritage and memory studies, the concept of diaspora continues to hold a pivotal role. This conference sets out to explore (self)representations of diasporic heritages and identities: how diasporic subjectivities and communities forge means of belonging and connection to nations, (im)material objects or space. Conceptualisations of diasporic heritage and identity can be expressed through a variety of narrative, mediatic, artistic and memorial strategies. This conference aims to provoke discussion and improve understanding of how these diasporic identities come into being, evolve and are performed through different heritage domains.

Rather than seeing diasporic heritages and identities as those with a nostalgic, romantic longing for the past, the conference seeks to stratify the range of positive or negative emotions and memory narratives that can emerge in diasporic communities. What narrative choices do diasporic individuals and communities adopt to define and challenge essentialised conceptions of heritage, identity, homeland, home and home-making? What counts as heritage, and how do diverse diasporas respond to, represent and perform their identity through the ever-changing cultural and global contexts?

This conference also aims to explore discourses of diasporic heritage, which correspond to the plethora of media, museological, political, historical and journalistic narratives and literary texts that structure a public and common understanding of identity. How does this discourse interact with (post/de) colonial narratives, xenophobic and right-wing movements, migration, displacement, conflict and transnationalism? How might repressive and authoritarian regimes impact diasporic identity expression?

Organizers encourage contributions from diverse historical and geographical contexts and invite proposals for special events such as panels, screenings, performances, exhibitions, etc.

CFP The Provocation of Culture(s) (Malta)

ConferencesCall for Papers: Engaging the Contemporary 2023: The Provocation of Culture(s), 15-17 November 2023, University of Malta, Valletta Campus, Malta. Deadline: 1 May 2023.

Engaging the Contemporary 2023 is the eight edition of a series of annual international conferences organized by the Department of Philosophy at the University of Malta, with the aim of promoting an interdisciplinary approach to a variety of current philosophical debates. This year’s theme – The Provocation of Culture(s) – seeks to examine and bring into discussion the various issues that the question of living in a multi-cultured world brings to the fore. The aim of the conference is to bring together various philosophical traditions into a conversation that furthers our understanding of the provocations of and by culture(s) that beset contemporary times.

CFP Gen Z & Global Communication ICA Preconference (Canada but Hybrid)

ConferencesCall for proposals: Generation Z and Global Communication, International Communication Association Preconference, 25 May 2023, Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel (Hybrid: On-site and online). Deadline: 1 March 2023.

Generation Z (Gen Z), the first to have been born after the mass-adoption of the Internet, is the most electronically connected generation in history. Growing up with many high-tech devices, these digital natives are used to having access to a vast number of diverse information, doing real-time communication with their friends and others regardless of physical location and generating content instantaneously to all kinds of international digital platforms. Exposed fully to the Internet-based world, how are the attitudes and beliefs of Gen Z influenced by the virtual world, especially the world of social media? How are the media use of Gen Z similar or different between countries? What are differences between Gen Z and previous generation in terms of their perceptions and knowledge of their own countries and other countries? How does video games, the most globalized content around the world affecting the young generation?

Organizers welcome innovative and original research studies addressing the theme on Generation Z and authenticity in global communication from all disciplines, methodologies, and professions, including case studies, quantitative and qualitative research, data and network science, etc.

The preconference will have paper awards for full paper submissions but welcome extended abstract submissions (up to 500 words). All full papers and abstracts will go through double-blind review. First Place paper will receive USD300 cash award, Second Place paper will receive USD200 cash award, and Third Place paper will receive USD100 cash award. Online Media and Global Communication will reserve the first right of refusal for publishing the award-winning submitted papers in the themed issue.

CFP Language, Multilingualism, & Decolonization Practices in Higher Education (South Africa)

ConferencesCall for Papers: Language, Multilingualism, and Decolonization Practices
in Higher Education, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 12-14 July, 2023. Deadline: 28 February 2023.

The Academy for Multilingualism invites proposals for papers and posters to be presented at an international conference on Language, Multilingualism, and Decolonization Practices in Higher Education. The purpose of this conference is to bring together academics, researchers, and higher education practitioners working on diverse projects on language, multilingualism and decolonization in higher education institutions. The aim is to promote discussion at the intersections of language, multilingualism, and decolonization practices in higher education. To share and foster theoretical and practical approaches to enhance knowledge exchange between academics, researchers, and higher education practitioners of diverse languages. To gain a better understanding of the intersections of language, multilingualism and decolonization in a changing higher education landscape. Abstracts may be submitted in any official language of South Africa. Should you wish to submit an abstract in a language other than English, please accompany your abstract with an English translation.

CFP Communication Institute of Greece Conferences 2023 (Greece)


Call for papers: Two overlapping conferences, Communication Institute of Greece (COMinG), Athens, Greece. Deadline: 14 March 2023 (may be extended – will be revised on this post if so).

The 8th Annual International Conference on Communication and Management: What will Communication be like? Future directions on global challenges and tensions (ICCM2023) will be held 4-7 December 2023.




The 4th International Conference on Education: ‘What will education be like?’ Future directions on global challenges and tensions on education (EDU2023) will be held 4-7 December 2023.

CFP Designing Tech for Social Cohesion (USA)


Designing Tech for Social Cohesion, Council on Technology and Social Cohesion, 23-25 February 2023, San Francisco, CA, USA. Deadline: Ticket sales end 17 February 2023.

This conference explores a new generation of tech products that offer design affordances and algorithms optimized for prosocial content. Professional development opportunities include:

  • Learn from social cohesion practitioners with decades of experiences working to depolarize groups

  • Be inspired by a new generation of tech platforms designed with algorithms and affordances to help groups find common ground and build empathy

  • Learn metrics for measuring polarization and social cohesion

  • Network with tech innovation teams and experienced community bridge builders and peace builders from around the world

NOTE: Includes panels on topics like: “Using Tech for Intergroup Dialogue,” and “How can Bridge-Building & Peacebuilding Experts Inform Tech Designs?” so it seems appropriate for many followers of this site.

CFP Applied Linguistics & Professional Practice (UK)

ConferencesCall for Papers: 13th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice, Department of English Language and Linguistics, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, Scotland, 4-6 September 2023. Deadline: 28 February 2023.

The International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice (ALAPP) aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds, especially language and communication research and professional domains (e.g., business, organization studies, education, banking, health care, therapy, journalism, law, social care and welfare, immigration and border control, police work, translation and interpreting) to share ideas and discuss innovations and interventions.

ALAPP 2023 is open to proposals that broadly fall within the scope of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice Studies. Organizers welcome submissions on a wider range of themes, including:

  • Language, communication and the professions
  • Institutions and professions
  • Expertise and professional practice
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in professional contexts
  • Multimodality in professional practice
  • Professional practice, discourse and the new media
  • Interpreting and translation in institutional/professional settings
  • Language awareness and reflexivity in the professions
  • Communication training for professionals
  • Professional practice and communication in the age of globalization
  • Research Methodologies
  • Collaborative research across professional boundaries
  • Challenges in communicating research findings

CFP Regional Studies Conference 2023 (Slovenia)

ConferencesCall for Papers: Regional Studies Association Annual Conference: Transforming Regions: Policies and Planning for People and Places, 14-17 June 2023, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Deadline: 28 February 2023.

The Regional Studies Association’s Annual Conference 2023 #RSA23 is being held in partnership with the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. This four-day conference brings together academics and policymakers to exchange news, views and research findings from the fields of regional studies and science, regional and economic development, policy and planning.

The conference will feature a large number of presentations, high-profile plenary speakers, a number of specially convened sessions, workshops, professional development and networking sessions, walking tours, field trips, a conference dinner, side events, exhibitor stalls and post-conference tours to explore Slovenia.

#RSA23 will address topics concerned with regional and urban development, policy and research. In addition to abstract submissions, we welcome proposals for special sessions, networking events, book launches, author meets critic sessions, etc.

CFP Journalism & Communication History (USA but Online)

ConferencesCall for Papers: Journalism & Communication History, AJHC and AEMJC Conference, 15 April, 2023, Online. Deadline: 15 February 2023.

The Joint Journalism and Communication History Conference, co-sponsored by the American Journalism Historians Association and the History Division of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, is now accepting submissions for its 2023 conference, to be held virtually via Zoom.

This free, one-day, interdisciplinary conference welcomes faculty, graduate students, and independent scholars researching the history of journalism and mass communication. Topics from all geographic areas and time periods are welcome, as are all methodological approaches. This conference offers a welcoming environment in which participants can explore new ideas, garner feedback on their work, and meet colleagues from around the world interested in journalism and mass communication history.

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