Utrecht U: Media, Arts & Society (The Netherlands)

“JobAssistant Professor in Media, Arts & Society, Department of Media and Culture Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Deadline: 15 August 2021.

The Department of Media and Culture Studies invites applications for an Assistant Professorship in Media, Arts & Society, starting January 1, 2022 (earlier is negotiable). The appointment includes 30 percent research time. The candidate is expected to actively contribute to the research agenda of Media and Culture Studies and to participate in research collaboration within the department and beyond.

For this position, the Department is looking for candidates who contribute to research into the role of media, art and technology in contemporary culture, questions about the impact of the algorithmic turn on various cultural, artistic and social practices, and forms of knowledge production, and into the role of the humanities in responding to contemporary cultural transformations and societal challenges. Of specific interest to the Department are candidates who will contribute to trans- and interdisciplinary research agendas around participatory practices and civic engagement, and/or critical perspectives for fostering diversity and justice in our mediatized society.

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