United Nations U: Conflict Prevention/Sustaining Peace (USA)

“JobSenior Policy Advisor and Head of Programme, Conflict Prevention and Sustaining Peace, Centre for Policy Research, United Nations University, New York, USA. Deadline: 11 July 2021.

United Nations University Centre for Policy Research in New York is an independent think tank within the United Nations system. The Conflict Prevention and Sustaining Peace programme is a newly formed cluster of projects that includes small, bespoke policy research for senior UN policymakers as well as large, multi-year and multi-stakeholder initiatives on a range of peace, security and prevention topics.

The Senior Policy Advisor and Head of Conflict Prevention and Sustaining Peace Programme will be responsible for developing and implementing a three-year research and resource-mobilisation plan for the Conflict Prevention and Sustaining Peace Programme, as well as supervising and mentoring project personnel. In addition, they will be responsible for generating policy reports, op-eds, and insights for the UNU-CPR websites, as well as new media offerings that disseminate the programme’s findings to new audiences.

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