Åbo Akademi University Job Ad: Minority Studies

Assistant/Associate Professor in Minority Studies (tenure track)

Åbo Akademi University, Finland, invites applications for a position as Assistant/Associate professor in Minority Studies, more specifically cultural and linguistic diversity studies with focus on multicultural and multilingual education through Tenure Track beginning August 1 st 2017 The position is placed at the Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies.

Åbo Akademi University is an internationally acknowledged research university with an extensive responsibility for providing education in Swedish in Finland. The activities cover research and education in most disciplines from humanities, pedagogics and theology to social sciences, natural sciences and technology.

The Minority Studies profile
The assistant/associate professor will together with earlier appointed assistant and associate professors within the profile form the backbone of Åbo Akademi University’s Minority Studies research profile, the recent expansion of which is based on a major grant from the Academy of Finland. The grant foresees the establishment of assistant/associate tenure track professorships which, after successful attainment of individually set goals, will lead to full professorships. At the same time, Åbo Akademi University is recruiting visiting professors who will support and further strengthen the profile.

The Minority Studies profile aims at shaping and developing current strengths within the fields of education, social sciences and humanities at Åbo Akademi University into a leading centre for minority studies and research. Linguistic, cultural, and religious differences together with issues related to in-group and out-group positions pose major challenges to societal cohesion and peace in both European and non-European societies. For instance, current global development is marked by an increasing polarisation of values associated with explicit xenophobic racist attitudes and other radicalising tendencies. This calls for consequent, long-term educational action in order to prevent violence, prejudices and negative attitudes and marginalization related to (minority) languages, cultures and religions/worldviews. There is also a strong need to identify resources for empowerment and promotion of educational and linguistic human rights. Furthermore, it is time to investigate the societal strengths and educational advantages of genuine multilingualism, as well as the potential of multilingual education in relation to the general democratic goal of (comprehensive) education.

With reference to the above Åbo Akademi University’s Minority Studies profile will focus on interdisciplinary minority research with the capacity to recognize and comprehend the complexities involved in the construction and development of minority positions and identities and related issues. This profile is directly connected to the strategic mission of Åbo Akademi University as a university for the Swedish speaking language and cultural minority in Finland. Current research on minorities includes, minorities as part of past nation building and present political mobilization, minority rights and legislation, sexual and gender minorities as well as intersections of ethnic and gender categorizations.

The research area for the assistant/associate professor in Minority Studies is cultural and linguistic diversity studies with focus on multicultural and multilingual education. This research area includes norms and identities related to minority and majority language relations, as well as teaching and learning in educational settings characterised by bi- and multilingualism, for example immersion and non-standard language varieties.

Job description
The appointed assistant/associate professor will be expected to work together with the coordination of Åbo Akademi University’s Minority Studies profile and to explore possibilities for joint interdisciplinary research projects. Administratively, the appointee will be members of Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies. In combination with other measures, the appointee is expected to position Åbo Akademi University as an internationally leading institution in interdisciplinary cutting-edge research in the area of Minority Studies. Information about the positions and the qualifications for the positions as well as information about the field of research and teaching can be found in the appointment plan.

In order to have a successful start with the work the person appointed to the position will have the support from a Supervisory Committee consisting of the Deans for he above-mentioned faculties as well as the Vice-Rector for Research. The appointed person will receive a starting grant of 40 000 euro to be used for the employment of a doctoral student or to otherwise support their research.

International applicants are especially encouraged to apply. Åbo Akademi University will provide support for non-Finnish candidates in being able to teach in Swedish within some years after commencing their appointments. A relocation package can be offered to the recruited persons, the terms will be negotiated separately with the recruited persons.

Instructions for the written application can be found in the appointment plan. Applications in English or Swedish should be sent electronically, with enclosures (in English), to the following address: registrator@abo.fi. Please indicate in the subject line “Application / Minority Studies, Faculty of Education and Welfare Studies”. The closing date for applications is January 20th 2017 at 15.00 Finnish time.

Additional information
For questions, please, contact the Vice-Rector for Research Affairs, Niklas Sandler niklas.sandler AT abo.fi, or Dean Petri Salo (Education and Welfare Studies) petri.salo AT abo.fi, or HR Specialist Solveig Vaherkylä solveig.vaherkyla AT abo.fi.


Åbo Akademi University is working for equal gender distribution and diversity in all staff categories.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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