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ProfilesAgata Szkiela is the Executive Director and founder of Translating Cultures©, a coaching and training company operating globally since 2005, which she created with her Canadian husband.
Agata Szkiela

She has been a Senior Lecturer at the European Academy of Diplomacy for almost 12 years, focusing mainly on cross-cultural communication, intercultural business etiquette, indigenous and aboriginal people, cultural shock, dimensions of culture and intercultural competence, intercultural dimension of diplomacy and cultural differences in business environment. She has over 15 years of professional experience in a multicultural diplomatic environment and UN structures.

Apart from her role as an intercultural educator, she is also a Global Mindset and Cultural Transition Coach, as well as Intercultural Business Communication and Relocation Trainer, working with such global companies as Communicaid, CultureWaves, Brookfield Global Relocation Services or ICUnet.AG. Her main interests and research concentrate around intercultural coaching, cross-cultural leadership and multinational team management as well as cultural identity and cultural shock. She is an active member of the SIETAR Poland training group and does pro bono intercultural education classes for kindergarten kids.

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Agata Szkiela has served as a reviewer for translations into Polish.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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