Cardiff Metropolitan University job ad (Wales)

Head of Internationalisation
Cardiff School of Management
Cardiff Metropolitan University

As part of the University’s new Internationalisation Strategy and to further build upon our strong international presence, the successful applicant will be accountable for delivering School and University internationalisation objectives and will work to integrate an international, intercultural and global dimension into all of the School activities.

The successful candidate will hold a doctoral qualification, or have the ability to achieve a doctorate within an agreed timescale.

Summary of Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
• Work with the Deputy Dean and other senior managers in the School to agree a strategic direction that is in line with the University’s internationalisation strategy.
• Reporting to the Deputy Dean to assist him to lead across the School the implementation and delivery of University and School policies, strategic decisions and compliance requirements particularly those related to internationalisation.
• Lead and manage within the school in relation to international student recruitment, student mobility and an internationally focused curriculum and assist the Deputy Dean in partner relationship management.
• Work with Associate Deans (Research) and (Enterprise) in the School to expand international research and enterprise opportunities.
• Work closely with the International Office and Alumni Office on the development of the University Global profile and expansion of its international alumni relations.
• Work with the Deputy Dean to develop, support and evaluate equality and diversity initiatives.
• Work with School administrative and academic  staff, Academic  Registry and International Office staff on matters relating to the administration and attendance international students
• Work with the Deputy Dean to write proposals and/or bids for European funding for internationalisation.
• Work with the Deputy Dean and International Office to develop the school marketing strategy and international student recruitment and outward mobility.
• Work with the Associate Dean (Enterprise) on the expansion of summer school opportunities
• Where appropriate, deliver teaching overseas.
• Work closely with the Deputy Dean and the Dean of Quality Standards to ensure that international activity complies with the University’s academic standards and quality.
• Promote a welcoming and stimulating international academic and social environment in the school for incoming staff and students from overseas and for international visitors.
• Promote an understanding and appreciation the School and its students of the opportunities and values of internationalisation.
• Contribute to internationalisation initiatives for academic staff, including the development of staff capability to internationalise their curriculum and adopt relevant learning and teaching practices.
• Promote a positive image for the University throughout all School activities.
• Substitute for the Deputy Dean when required.
• Undertake teaching and engage in advanced research and/or enterprise, as agreed by the Dean of the School.

Closing date for applications is 9 September 2015

To apply for this role please complete an application form and return to Human Resources.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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