Summer International/Intercultural and Backpack Journalism Program

Summer International/Intercultural and Backpack Journalism Program

For the eleventh summer Gonzaga University Master’s in Communication and Leadership Program is offering its Summer International/Intercultural and Backpack Journalism Program. Open to all graduate students or graduating seniors, the program begins in Florence and then moves into the Apennine Mountain medieval city of Cagli, where students in the Cagli Project are assigned to develop multi-media storytelling projects. Time is spent in class, in the field researching and producing stories, and in the lab completing assignments and coordinating the elements of each story. This year there are five specific course modules: Intercultural Communication, Italian language and culture (these modules include Journaling), Profile Writing, Photography, and Digital Design. The program also includes a day-trip to Urbino and free weekend-travel.   Because of the setting of this program, students will have a unique opportunity to learn how to access a foreign culture and to acquire practical language skills rapidly by using an immersion technique. The ability to assimilate quickly and to hone in on another culture¹s values are indispensable tools for anyone preparing for a career in a field where globalization and intercultural communication are becoming increasingly important. At the micro level, students will learn how “to read” another culture on its own terms — thereby eliminating cultural bias.  At the macro level, students will be ready to become facilitators in the intercultural dialogue that the modern world requires.This program is open to graduating seniors and graduate students.  The Program costs include 6 graduate credits, hotels and apartments, in county transportation, some meals, technology, and closing exhibition.   The summer session is June 8June 24, 2015, with online content pre and post Italy. For more information contact Dr. John Caputo. To see the work of former students and years go to:  For details of the MA and descriptions of the program along with an application go to the main webpage.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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