Alex Frame Profile

Alex Frame
is currently Associate Professor in Communication at the University of Burgundy (Dijon, France).

Alex Frame

After a degree in Modern Languages from St Catherine’s College, Oxford, he permanently moved to France at postgraduate level and has been lecturing at university (in Business English, Intercultural Communication, New Media and Political Communication, among others) since the year 2000. He is a member of the “Text – Image – Language” Research Group (EA 4182). In his PhD (2008), he developed a symbolic interactionist approach to intercultural dialogue, taking into account the possible mobilisation of various cultures and identities in face-to-face interactions. He insists on the importance of the situation, the immediate context, existing relationships and underlying tensions in understanding the way people negotiate meanings and go about seeking to make sense of and for one another, despite cultural differences.

Alex’s current research interests stem from critical approaches to interculturality, factoring in questions of identities, othering and power relations to look at the ways in which cultural dynamics underpin and are referred to by individuals in their interactions. His main focus is on the cultural dynamics of communication processes both locally and globally, as they manifest themselves in intercultural dialogue, in mediated/mediatized communication and as part of the globalization process. In 2015, he set up an English-taught MA course in (critical approaches to) Intercultural Management at the University of Burgundy.

Key publications (in French or English) include:

Frame, A. (2018). Repenser l’intégration républicaine à l’aune de l’interculturalité. Communiquer: Revue de Communication Sociale et Publique, 24 (1), 59-79.

Frame, A., & Ihlen, Ø. (2018). Beyond the cultural turn: A critical perspective on culture-discourse within public relations. In S. Bowman, A. Crookes, S. Romenti, & Ø. Ihlen (Éd.), Public relations and the power of creativity: Strategic opportunities (Vol. 3, pp. 151-162). New York: Emerald Publishing.

Frame, A. (2017). What future for the concept of culture in the social sciences? Epistémè, 17, 151–172.

Frame, A. (2016). Intersectional identities in interpersonal communication. In K. Ciepiela (Ed.), Studying identity in communicative contexts (pp. 21-38).Warsaw: Peter Lang.

Frame, A. (2015). Quelle place pour l’interculturel au sein des SIC ? Cahiers de la SFSIC, 11, 85–91.

Frame, A. (2015). Étranges interactions : Cadrer la communication interculturelle à l’aide de Goffman ? In P. Lardellier (Ed.), Actualité d’Erving Goffman, de l’interaction à l’institutionParis: L’Harmattan.

Frame, A. (2014). Reflexivity and self-presentation in multicultural encounters: Making sense of self and Other. In J. Byrd Clark & F. Dervin (Eds.), Reflexivity and multimodality in language education: Rethinking multilingualism and interculturality in accelerating, complex and transnational spaces (pp. 81-99). London : Routledge.

Frame, A. (2014). On cultures and interactions: Theorising the complexity of intercultural encounters. In S. Poutiainen (Ed.), Theoretical turbulence in intercultural communication studies (pp. 29-44). Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars.

Frame, A. (2013). Communication et interculturalité: Cultures et interactions interpersonnelles. Paris : Hermès Lavoisier.

Carayol, V., & Frame A. (Eds.). (2012). Communication and PR from a cross-cultural standpoint: Practical and methodological issues. Brussels, Belgium: Peter Lang.

A full list of Alex’s publications.

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