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Call for Chapter Proposals for Edited Book

Working Title: Volunteering and Communication Vol. II: Studies in International and Intercultural Contexts

Publisher: Peter Lang

Objective of the Book:
The purpose of this book is to give voice to the experiences of volunteers specifically in international and intercultural settings. Few of our current resources (books, texts, handbooks) address the micro-level, data-based analysis of volunteering and volunteer management with our first book being an exception.  There is even less scholarship on volunteering in international and intercultural contexts. There are a few chapters addressing it in our first book. This book will begin with a guest-authored literature review chapter. Then contributors will write data-based chapters that provide in-depth analyses of a particular issue, topic, or type of volunteer based on some theoretical or conceptual organizational or intercultural framework. Each chapter will include a very brief field report from a practitioner with experience in the volunteer situation explored in the chapter.

In particular, the editors are interested in studies that fit one of three types:

1) Experiences Volunteering Abroad: These should be studies of individuals volunteering in another country, for example, individuals from the United States doing volunteer work in another country.

2) Experiences of Volunteers Internationally: These should be studies of volunteers living in countries outside the United States, for example, the experiences of volunteers from the Netherlands or Brazil or any other country.

3) Experience of Volunteers in Intercultural Settings: These should be studies of volunteers working in settings where they must reach across intercultural boundaries to accomplish their goals, for example, Turkish volunteers working with Syrian refugees.

Book Editors:
Michael W. Kramer, University Oklahoma, Department of Communication
Loril M. Gossett, UNC Charlotte, Department of Communication Studies
Laurie K. Lewis, Rutgers University, Department of Communication

Submission Process:
This edited book will present contributed chapters focusing on the three types of volunteer experiences described above. Editors seek contributed chapters that are data-based, and focused on the management and experience of volunteering. All methodologies are welcome including quantitative, qualitative, or textual/rhetorical analysis, as well as interdisciplinary work that seeks to combine communication perspectives with other disciplinary knowledge.

For consideration, authors should submit a 1-2 page abstract of the proposed chapter (not including title page and references). This proposal should include a description of the study, including its theoretical or conceptual framework, its current status (e.g., already IRB approved, data being analyzed, etc.) and include a brief summary of results if available. These submissions are due to the lead editor no later than July 31, 2013.

Submissions will be peer reviewed and decisions about inclusion in the book will be made by August 31, 2013. Selected authors will be expected to produce a full draft of their chapters by January 10, 2014. These drafts will be reviewed by the book editors for final decisions on inclusion in the book. Those accepted will submit revised versions by May 1, 2014.

Inquiries may be addressed to any of the editors. Submissions should be forwarded electronically (word document) to:
Michael W. Kramer
mkramer AT

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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