Todd L. Sandel Profile

ProfilesTodd Sandel (Ph.D., University of Illinois) is Associate Professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Macau and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of International and Intercultural Communication.

He was a Fulbright Scholar to Taiwan 2007-2008, and in 2015 authored the book, Brides on Sale: Taiwanese Cross Border Marriages in a Globalizing Asia, for which he received the “Outstanding Book Award” from the International & Intercultural Division of the National Communication Association (NCA). Sandel has served as Chair of the Language & Social Interaction Division of NCA, President of the Association for Chinese Communication Studies, and Secretary of the Language & Social Interaction (LSI) Division of the International Communication Association (ICA). The paper, “Unpacking and describing interaction on Chinese WeChat: A methodological approach,” co-authored with his students, was awarded the “Top Paper Award” from LSI of ICA in 2018.

His research interests include intercultural communication, Chinese social media, language and social interaction, identity formation, and the ethnography of communication. More recent work, involving the study of affordances of social media, especially in Chinese contexts, has been published in the Journal of Pragmatics, Chinese Journal of Communication, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Information Development, and China Media Research. He is also conducting research with students and colleagues in such countries as Indonesia, Japan, and Bhutan.

Select Publications

Sandel, T. L., Ju, B., Ou, C. Y., Wangchuk, D., & Duque, M. (2019). Unpacking and describing interaction on Chinese WeChat: A methodological approach. Journal of Pragmatics, 143, 228-241.

Sandel, T. L., Buttny, R., Varghese, M. (2019). Online interaction across three contexts: An analysis of culture and technological affordances. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, 48(1), 52-71.

Sandel, T. L. & Ju, B. (forthcoming). Social media, culture, and communication. In J. Oetzel & J. Nussbaum (Eds.) The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Communication. Oxford University Press.

Ju, B., Sandel, T. L., & Thinyane, H. (in press). WeChat use of Mainland Chinese dual migrants in daily border crossing. Chinese Journal of Communication.

Ju, B., Sandel, T. L., & Fitzgerald, R. (In press). Understanding Chinese internet and social media: The innovative and creative affordances of technology, language and culture. In Marcel Burger (Ed.) Se Mettre en Scène en Ligne’ (Presenting Oneself Online). Cahiers de l’Institut de linguistique et des sciences du langage, No. 58. Lausanne, Switzerland: University of Lausanne.

Work for CID:

Todd Sandel wrote KC59: Teng, and described his Fulbright experience. He was was one of the participants at the National Communication Association’s Summer Conference on Intercultural Dialogue in Istanbul, Turkey, which led to the creation of CID, and one of the organizers of the Roundtable on Intercultural Dialogue in Asia, co-sponsored by CID. He currently serves on the CID Advisory Board.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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