Quote of the Day: Culture, Sustainability, Intercultural Dialogue

“Interviews”Occasionally when I read, a quote related to intercultural dialogue strikes me as particularly noteworthy for being insightful, concise, beautifully written, and/or original. One example is provided below. If you have quotes you would like to see posted, submit them for consideration to intercult.dialogue@[at]gmail.com

“Participation in cultural activities fosters young people to be more imaginative and innovative: the processes of creation and cultural participation provide knowledge and techniques to imagine and expand horizons, integrate diverse elements, and create something new. Cultural experiences can be important platforms for the development of capacities that expand self-knowledge, self-expression, self-determination, and life satisfaction and well-being.”

“Educational systems at all levels should include the acquisition of cultural skills and knowledge pertaining to intercultural dialogue; the recognition and valuing of diversity, creativity, tangible and intangible heritage; and the development of skills using digital tools for cultural transmission, innovative expression, and bridging of cultures.” (p. 30)

Duxbury, N., Hosagrahar, J., & Pascual, J. (2016). Why must culture be at the heart of sustainable urban development? Barcelona, Spain: United Cities and Local Governments.

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Director
Center for Intercultural Dialogue

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