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Dialogue of Reflective Thought. Guest post by Sabrina Sharma.

The “Dialogue of Reflective Thought” (DORT) approach is a type of dialogue allowing parties to engage without a mutual resolve or change per se.

DORT is a process whereby two or more parties engage in dialogue, each without the intention to transform the other’s thought process or to expect that the other party would be placed in a position of mandatory consideration of the other to birth a ‘perception changing’ view. Although a shift may ensue from the dialogue itself, the goal is rather to share experiences and thoughts. If a transition occurs, it appears in the natural course of the dialogue itself.

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Sabrina Sharma Profile

ProfilesSabrina Sharma is an author in Australia, with a background in Christian Human Rights Law and Community engagement.

Sabrina Sharma

She was admitted to The Supreme Court of Victoria (Australia) in 2007 and later on to The High Court of Fiji in 2017. She founded The Fiji Rural Women Empowerment Network to assist disadvantaged women from rural areas across Fiji to access educational platforms and empowerment workshops. As International Ambassador to Almanah Hope Centre in Teidamu, Fiji she has worked with the Centre’s founders to empower widows and survivors of domestic violence across Fiji. Having worked extensively in Fiji across a cross-section of fields (Ministry, Domestic Violence awareness, poverty alleviation and more), she was awarded the Medal of the Order of Fiji in 2020 by Fiji’s former President and retired Major-General Konrote. She was further given the “2021 Champion for Change” Award by UK’s Lead5050 Organization in recognition for her community efforts and engagement.

Sabrina has returned to Australia where she continues to serve a multicultural and diverse community through positive engagement, dialogue and writing her books. One of her published works, Dialogue in Action, speaks of the importance of dialogue with others to deepen our appreciation and understanding of other cultures.

Sabrina’s contributions to community life and the legal sector can be found below:

Work for CID:
Sabrina Sharma wrote a guest post on dialogue as reflected thought.

Sharma: Dialogue in Action


Sharma, Sabrina. (2021). Dialogue in action. HRH Series. Independently published.

Dialogue today is more than an exchange of words, it provides the basis for the growth of human rights. Although a recognized tool in the progression of human rights, dialogue is not always what it seems. This book enables the reader to delve into the realm of “Dialogue,” encompassing differing perspectives and practices. If you love other cultures, meeting new people and traveling – this book from the HRH Series is for you!

The Human Rights Hub Series focuses on Human Rights aspects essential for consideration today. In doing so, it causes us to examine our existing perceptions and to challenge normative views. Books in the HRH Series are designed with ease in mind. Using clear, simple language and manageable size, it is the perfect companion to your briefcase or handbag and can be taken anywhere for a great read.

Sabrina Sharma was born in the United Kingdom, spent her childhood in Fiji and Australia, and has also lived in the Middle East. She has a background in Law as a Barrister to The High Court of Fiji and has practiced in human rights law there for close to two decades. Much of her community work has involved rural areas of Fiji, fostering relations, dialogues and empowerment for women who have been survivors of domestic violence and young single mothers. Now in Australia, she continues her work providing empowering programs with education and skills for women via online platforms.

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