Conflict Conference U Texas Austin

The Conflict Conference (TCC) will hold its first annual conference at the University of Texas at Austin (UT-Austin) on April 10-11, 2014. TCC is a multidisciplinary annual conference promoting the study of conflict and conflict resolution. We invite papers on any relevant topic, such as apologies, advocacy, dispute resolution, peace, negotiation, reconciliation,  mediation,  restorative  justice, conflict management, and ethics.

The DEADLINE for submissions is 10 DECEMBER 2013. Notices of acceptance will be sent no later than 31 January 2014. Paper proposals must include the author’s name and institutional affiliation, the title of the paper, and an abstract of no more than 150 words for the program. In addition, proposals must include a 600 word extended abstract without personal information. (Be as specific as you can, even if your project is still gestating.) Documents must be attached to an email as a pdf or Word document. TCC welcomes submissions from students. Please indicate student status in all paper proposals. Please send all proposals to TCC.

Conference panels will be held on Thursday, April 10th, and Friday, April 11th  on the  UT-Austin campus.  Keynote speakers  will address the conference both Thursday and Friday. TCC will host a cocktail mixer the evening of Thursday, April 10th at a nearby off- campus location and host a closing party off campus Friday, April 11th. A detailed schedule will be sent to participants at a later date. A conference registration fee of USD $25.00 is required. Watch for updates on our webpage.

This conference is sponsored by the UT Project for Conflict Resolution.