Finding Common Ground: ICD among Youth in North Macedonia (North Macedonia but Online)

EventsFinding Common Ground: Intercultural Dialogue among Youth in North Macedonia, by Marija Krstevska,  Online, November 15, 2021, 12 pm ET.

The Institute for the Study of Human Rights and the Harriman Institute invite you to a talk with Marija Krstevska, Secretary General, Center for Intercultural Dialogue, North Macedonia (held online). Krstevska will discuss her trajectory as a girl raised in a mono-ethnic environment to a young advocate for intercultural acceptance. She is the Secretary General of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, a youth organization in Kumanovo, North Macedonia. Through that organization, she has created learning opportunities within non-formal education for diverse groups of learners, advocated for direct involvement in community decision-making, and supported youth participation through inclusive policies. She will discuss the importance of active citizenship, capacity building, and non-formal education in fostering intercultural dialogue among youth. Marija is a participant in the 2021-22 Human Rights Advocates Program at the Institute for the Study of Human Rights

Moderator: Lara J. Nettelfield, Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Human Rights, Institute for the Study of Human Rights and Department of Political Science

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Sasho Ognenovski Profile

ProfilesSasho Ognenovski (Ph.D.) is a Communicologist, writer, and theater director. He is President of PERUN ARTIS, an Association for Art and Multiculturalism, in Bitola, North Macedonia.

Sasho Ognenovski

His primary interest is in the multicultural landscape and environments, especially researching the so-called “invisible nations,” that is, those communities without a nation-state, displaced around the world. His doctoral research was in Public Relations.His professional career can be divided into two streams: artistic and scientific. Sasho is a writer and translator with five poetry collections (a sixth in production), four children’s plays staged in theatres in Macedonia, two plays for adults, of which one has been translated and published in the USA, and one novel (published in 2019), with a second in production. He also translates between English, Serbian, and Bulgarian.

In addition to PERUN ARTIS, he is chief editor of Literary Elements, a literary magazine dedicated to the world contemporary literature, produced in Macedonian in hard copy format; next year he expects to produce an electronic version in English.

Sasho earned his M.A. from the Institute of Sociological, Political and Juridical research in Skopje, and his Ph.D. from the Institute for Media and Communications of the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, in Skopje, North Macedonia. He worked as an assistant in the Pedagogical Faculty in Bitola, and as a professor in the Slavic University “G. R. Derzhavin,” also in Bitola. As a scientist, he attended numerous congresses, conferences, and symposia dedicated to multiculturalism around the world, including Gothenburg, Oslo, Milan, Sofia, Belgrade, and London. He has collaborated with societies and foundations such as SIETAR, NIC, and SPARK. He has had short study visits at York University in Toronto, Canada, and The University of Santiago del Compostela, Spain. He has published in multiple scientific journals in North Macedonia and abroad. In the field of Communication and Media, he has written articles connecting theatre as a medium with other types of media. He writes literary, film, and theatre reviews for Macedonian and Serbian magazines and portals, and he is a member of ITI (International Theatre Institute) and to IACT (International Association of Theatre Critics). He’s also a member of the Macedonian Scientific Association in Bitola.

Partial listing of publications and conference papers:

Ognenovski, S. (2019). The Ransom Riggs’ trilogy of the peculiar children as a hybrid of realism and fantasticsThe Childhood, International Center for Literature for Children Zmaj’s Children Games, Novi Sad, Serbia, ISSN 0350-5286

Ognenovski, S. (2019). Children’s creative reception of a theatre play: The contribution to the preschool education in the achieving of the goals in the education. The College for Preschool Educators, Aleksinac, Serbia, ISBN 978-86-7746-755-5

Ognenovski, S. (2018). Multiculturalism and Macedonian cinematography. SIETAR, Fondazione Intercultura Onlus, Milan, Italy, ISBN 978-88-942887-1-1.

Ognenovski, S. (2017). The migrating movements and the multicultural landscape in the post-communist countries. Annual of Institute of Sociological, Political and Juridical Research, 41(2).

Ognenovski, S. (1999). Paralinguism in the theater and international theater festivals. Journal of Intercultural Communications.

Work for CID:
Sasha Ognenovski has reviewed translations into Macedonian.

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