Request for Best Practices: UNIVERSO and Migrants

Gustave Teh, an intercultural mediator with the intercultural association, UNIVERSO, based in Bologna, Italy, asks for information on best practices of all those affiliated with the Center for Intercultural Dialogue.

“Our main objective is aimed at promoting sociocultural growth in the society for both migrants and nationals. We have been operating since 2002 in the territory and have close to 2000 registered users. Recently, due to the immigration crises in Italy we have decided to focus our attention on those activities that will ease and facilitate migrant integration policies and the freewill return back home for migrants with regular or irregular residence permits. Our dear request to you is to help us get into contact with good practices around your global collaborators network which will permit us test and implement new welcome, welfare and well being strategies for migrants with special consideration for women and young mothers.”

Please email Gustave Teh directly with ideas, although you’re also welcome to post comments in response.