Study abroad in Prague 2014

North Carolina State University Program in Prague
May 12 – June 22, 2014

Study abroad in Prague for the summer of 2014.  In this beautiful and historic city, North Carolina State University will be offering a Communication Program at the prestigious Prague Institute.

The Communication Program in Prague is designed to give students the opportunity to experience and study the dynamic of political and cultural change that occurs in a new democracy.  In 1989, the Czech Republic began its transition to a democratic form of government, and in the years since, changes in communication have emerged; changes in communication range from no public discourse allowed to the free exchange of ideas and debate, from limited private talk in the public square to open expressions of lives.  Students will study how communication has facilitated open public discourse, political decision-making, changes in economy, and changes in interpersonal life within the country.  Located in the capital city of Prague, the summer program in Communication is situated with easy access to political, university, tourist, and local venues for the study of a variety of dimensions of communication.

Students of Sophomore standing from any institution are welcome to apply. The program consists of two three-credit hour courses, Interpersonal Communication (COM 112) and Argument and Advocacy (COM 211). These two courses study the fundamental ways in which humans communicate with one another: through our personal relationships and through our interactions with broader publics. These courses aside, the institute offers a range of other courses that may be of interest.

Contact Matthew May with questions.

Applicants who apply prior to December 2, 2013 will receive priority registration. Regular registration is open until February 7, 2014.

Total cost of the program is $5600 and includes:
*       Non-refundable Study Abroad application charge ($300)
*       Non-refundable program deposit ($500)
*       Tuition
*       International accident/health insurance coverage
*       Accommodations in Prague with breakfast
*       Excursions within the Czech Republic relevant to the program
*       Cultural events such as opera or ballet and jazz club performances
*       Orientation materials
*       A map and phrase book
*       Wi-Fi Internet access at the Institute
*       Visits to museums and galleries
*       In-city travel passes

Airfare is not included.