CFP LSI Approaches to Racial Justice


Call for proposals: Innovations in LSI Approaches to Racial Justice in Research and Pedagogy, Language and Social Interaction Division, International Communication Association, Denver, CO, May 27-31, 2021 (hybrid format). Deadline: October 14, 2020.

The current social and political climate – involving anti-black racism and anti-racist movements – has highlighted enduring racial inequality in the United States and internationally. These current events have prompted widespread interest among academics about ways that racism, whiteness, and structural inequality are pervasive in our own fields. Language in Social Interaction, like most academic fields, includes scholars who focus on questions of racial justice in their research and pedagogy. In this panel, organizers invite these LSI scholars to give short presentations (5 minutes or less) on innovative, effective methods for engaging with racial justice from an LSI perspective. Presentations should provide audience members with ideas or practical tools for how to engage with questions of racial justice in research and pedagogy. Submissions could address, but are not limited to:

  • Innovative undergraduate or graduate pedagogy activities
  • Innovative approaches to data sessions
  • Innovations in analytic methods to reveal racial inequality, highlight minority or marginalized voices, or decenter whiteness
  • Using LSI approaches and methods in innovative ways to create social change
  • Reflections on ways that whiteness pervades the LSI academic community & innovative ideas for the future of the field

Organizers encourage participation of ethnically and nationally diverse scholars, of graduate students and faculty, and of scholars from a variety of LSI sub-areas. The goal is to produce a collaborative, useful session for all those involved. Please email abstracts of 150-300 words to Natasha Shrikant by October 15, 2020. Abstracts should include details of your presentation and clearly connect to
LSI research or pedagogy.

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