CFP Re-Thinking Interculturality

“PublicationCall for abstracts: Special Issue of Interculture Journal: Re-Thinking Interculturality in Work with Clients, Customers, Volunteers, and Teams.  Deadline: 30 August 2022.

Research on intercultural communication identifies professional work with clients, customers, volunteers and teams as areas of intervention for which the discipline’s scientific findings are of immediate relevance and for which the field can develop constructive concepts of application. Forms of counselling, training and further education in which a responsible approach to interculturality plays a role can be found in numerous and very different professional and social contexts, such as human resources development, health and social services, communication with public authorities, business communication and legal counselling and legal communication.

These professional fields of activity, accompanied by paradigm shifts in cultural theory, have undergone a radical transformation in dealing with interculturality and reorganised themselves in an entirely new way. Sensitisation of the role of postcolonial power imbalances in empirical research practice and the effects of othering and epistemic violence have stimulated new methodological approaches in research and have also led to new and different places and forms of working with clients, customers, volunteers, and teams.

In the scheduled issue, articles may be published in English, German, French and Spanish as well as in more than one of these languages. The editorial team is therefore accepting abstracts in any of these languages; follow the links to see the full call for submissions in each language.

Building on interdisciplinarity, Interculture Journal is designed to foster and advance theoretical and practical findings in the area of intercultural research. Interculture Journal publishes papers by researchers and practitioners addressing questions and issues arising from different cultures living and working together. In line with its online format, Interculture Journal is devoted to the idea of open information ex- change. All volumes can be downloaded for free (just click on the journal name, above).

CFP Cyber Dystopia/Utopia? Digital Interculturality

“PublicationCall for Abstracts: Cyber Dystopia/Utopia? Digital Interculturality between Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism, Special Issue of Interculture Journal. Deadline: 1 April 2021.

While the cyber utopian thinkers of the early 1990s predicted the coming of a networked society in which the old hierarchical structures of business and culture would disappear, and the early 2010s, with the Arab Spring, the Occupy Movement and new ‘hacktivism’, appeared firstly as a progressive golden age of online political engagement, a more unpleasant type of Internet culture has gained traction within the past few years. As Angela Nagle has written: “The emergence of this new online right is the full coming to fruition of the transgressive anti-moral style, its final detachment from any egalitarian philosophy of the left or Christian morality of the right” (Kill All Normies, 2017, p. 39). Yet, the cyber utopian thinkers of the early 1990s were not wrong: The Internet does indeed have the potential to be a source of positive cosmopolitanism, whether understood in a philosophical- normative, descriptive or processual sense, and may facilitate both trans-local conversations on global matters and the decentring of discourse, allowing for the participation of a wider variety of agents and (sub)cultures in discussion.

For a special issue of the open-access Interculture Journal (spring, 2022), and within the framework of the research project “ReDICo: Researching Digital Interculturality Co-operatively,” funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research, editors would like to interrogate the topic of “Cyber Utopia/Dystopia? Digital Interculturality between Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism” from a variety of angles. Issue editors will be Dr. Luisa Conti and PD Dr. Fergal Lenehan.

Interculture Journal Archives

Resources in ICD“ width=Christoph Eberhard, Associate Researcher at International Institute for Ecological Negotiation (INNÉ), Arcachon, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France, just sent in the following information to share:

“Here is the complete collection of Interculture, the journal of the Intercultural Institute of Montreal. The journal inspired me a lot on my journey and in my work. It tackles many different topics like state, science, health, development, religion, art, philosophy, indigenous rights, human rights and more from diverse intercultural perspectives. The journal also exists in French (the first issues were bilingual before moving to the publication of each issue in English and French). Good and beautiful intercultural inspirations and a happy and dialogical new year to you all! May we have fruitful dialogues!”

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