CFP Beyond & Besides Language(s): ICC and Creative Practice

“PublicationCall for contributions: CFP Intercultural Communication and Creative Practice; Special Issue of Language and Intercultural Communication. Abstract Deadline: 4 May 2020.

Guest Editors: Lou Harvey (University of Leeds) and Gameli Tordzro (University of Glasgow).

This special issue explores the relationship between creative practice and the teaching, research and understanding of communication in intercultural settings. In recent years an emerging body of intercultural work engaging arts-based methodology has problematised the role of language in communicating, knowing and being (e.g. Bradley et al. 2018; Frimberger et al. 2018; Harvey, McCormick and Vanden 2019), its relationships with other modes of communication and other human and non-human actors (Thurlow 2016; Pennycook 2018), and analysed artistic research and production processes as communication (Andrews et al. 2020; Harvey 2018, 2020; Tordzro 2018, 2019). This research has engaged innovatively and productively with ongoing and urgent concerns in the field relating to de-essentialising (MacDonald and O’Regan 2013; Ferri 2018; MacDonald 2019); decolonising (Phipps 2013, 2019); and research methodology, relationships and ethics (Holliday and MacDonald 2019; Bradley and Harvey 2019). This special issue invites contributors to consider the role of communication in relation to creative practice in intercultural settings (broadly defined), to further engage with these concerns at the levels of ontology and epistemology, and to consider the implications for social justice and knowledge democracy.

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