Fung Global Fellows, Princeton

Visting Research Scholar – Fung Global Fellows Program, Princeton University

Princeton University is pleased to announce the inauguration of the Fung Global Fellows Program at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies (PIIRS). Each year the Program will select six scholars from around the world to be in residence at Princeton for an academic year and to engage in research and discussion around a common theme. Fellowships are to be awarded to scholars employed outside the United States who are expected to return to their positions, and who have demonstrated outstanding scholarly achievement and exhibit unusual intellectual promise but who are still early in their careers.

During the academic year 2013/14, the theme for the Fung Global Fellows Program will be “Languages and Authority.” The Fellows and the accompanying seminar program will focus on how languages interact with political, social, economic, and cultural authority. Languages can be powerful tools for expressing and asserting authority. Yet they also constitute forms of authority in and of themselves (such as in the standardization and uniformity that they impose). Languages as forms of authority are also contested, and language communities have often formed a basis for resisting authority. Possible topics for this cycle of the fellows program include the ways in which languages and language use interact with globalization, empire, decolonization, nation-state formation, nationalism, language policy, language ideology, social stratification, migration, commerce and trade, social and religious movements, and the sociology of knowledge production.

NOTES:  6 openings. Employer will assist with relocation costs.
Additional Salary Information: Within the limits of its resources, it is the intent of the program to provide a salary that equals the normal salary paid to a fellow at his or her home institution. In cases where the fellow’s base salary scale is significantly below the norm, salaries may be adjusted upward to compensate.

The following information is provided by the employer in accordance with AAA policy. AAA is not responsible for verifying the accuracy of these statements. They are not part of the actual position description submitted for publication by the employer.
This employer does prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation/preference.
This employer does prohibit discrimination based on gender identity/expression.
This employer offers health insurance benefits to eligible same and opposite-sex domestic partners.
This employer does not appear on the AAUP list of censured institutions

Applications are due on November 1, 2012. We encourage applications from both social scientists and humanists concerning any region of the world or time period. To be eligible, applicants must have received their Ph.D. (or equivalent) no earlier than September 1, 2003. Fellowships will be awarded on the strength of a candidate’s proposed research project, the relationship of the project to the Program’s theme, the candidate’s scholarly record, and the candidate’s ability to contribute to the intellectual life of the Program. For more information on eligibility requirements and the application process itself, see the Program’s website. Princeton University is an equal opportunity employer and complies with applicable EEO and affirmative action regulations.

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