CFP British Council: The Big Conversation (UK)

“JobCall for Proposals: The British Council  is commissioning a research pilot for a new research-led programme on global values and international cooperation called The Big Conversation. Deadlines are in February 2020.

The programme focuses on how values are central to international cultural relations and cooperation. This is particularly important in the context of forming international partnerships to address shared global challenges, such as development, climate change and technology governance. The Research Pilot will focus on the UK and two other case-study countries where they are running relevant activities. They are seeking proposals from research organisations and consultants with expertise in values research, deliberative dialogue, intercultural relations and other related fields. The results will be used to set up The Big Conversation programme, which will convene global research and debate on shared values. It will develop new evidence-based cultural relations approaches to encourage dialogue and cooperation on shared global challenges.


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