The Power of Food Emojis

Applied ICD

The power of food emojis, part of The Food Chain series, by BBC.

When the San Francisco based artist and designer Yiying Lu discovered there was no emoji to represent her beloved dumpling, she knew she had to do something about it. She tells us why for her, and millions of others, emojis are an important form of communication and cultural representation.

Do you give food emojis much thought? If not, perhaps you should. Emily Thomas hears how these tiny digital images can have a big social and economic impact. The series reveals who decides which emojis are accepted and how you can propose your very own. Two Venezuelans living in the US explain why their brand new ‘flatbread emoji’ could be one the most significant achievements of their lives, and the emoji artist responsible for everything from the ‘dumpling’ to ‘bubble tea’ tells us why she sees her work as a calling, and how it has made her an unexpected cultural ambassador.

Why I fought to get my bubble tea emoji accepted is another show in the series.

2020 Video Competition: Deep Listening

CID Video Competition

Kasriel, Emily. (2020, March 4). Deep listening: Finding common ground with opponents. BBC.

BBC is running a series on Crossing Divides, “the power and possibilities of encountering people with conflicting opinions, across divisions of race, class, faith, politics and generation.” One of their stories is about deep listening.

Deep listening involves being genuinely curious about someone else’s story, with a strong desire to understand them. It’s about connecting to them as an individual and establishing trust.

Deep listening can serve as a resource to students preparing a video for entry in the CID Video Competition this year, given that the theme this year is listening.

Crossing Divides is one of BBC’s efforts in line with Solutions-focused journalism.

BBC Series: Crossing Divides

Applied ICDBBC is running a series titled “Crossing Divides” which should be relevant to many followers of CID. The latest video is Two cultures, two languages, two teachers…one classroom. It shows the work of Hand in Hand, an organization which brings together thousands of Jews and Arabs in six schools and communities throughout Israel.

NOTE: Hand in Hand has a variety of volunteer and internship opportunities for those interested.

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