Ariane de Rothschild Fellowships 2018

FellowshipsSince its inception in 2009, the Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship has been passionately committed to diversity, the promotion of cross-cultural and religious understanding, and the respect for human dignity. In a world where divisive forces polarize people and communities, these values are ever more urgent and vital. Deadline: March 4, 2018.

There is already a large amount of interfaith initiatives but little focus addresses interreligious and cross-cultural relations from a social innovation and business-driven perspective. AdRF strongly believes that entrepreneurs and social innovators can make a huge impact on their environment and in bridging to other communities.

The Fellowship focuses on entrepreneurs from North America and Europe, especially from Jewish and Muslim communities, who demonstrate a proven commitment towards inclusion while at the same time strengthening the sustainability of their organization.

In particular, the Fellowship is looking for applicants:

  • who demonstrate convincingly their potential for both economic self-sufficiency and social impact;
  • with at least a tested proof of concept or (even better) a solid track-record in developing a socially impactful business in wide-ranging sectors ( housing, food, education, art, health, environment, technology…) ;
  • and a commitment to empower under-served communities, reduce isolation and build collaboration with society at large.

The AdR Fellow is a visionary leader who challenges retrenchment and fear of the Other. She/he endeavors to make a real impact through developing innovative solutions and promoting inclusive collaboration.

Ariane de Rothschild Fellowships 2017

Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship 2017
Call for Applications

The AdR Fellowship represents a unique experience for entrepreneurs, social innovators and those who practice doing business while at the same time doing good, particularly (but not exclusively) from a Jewish and Muslim cultural background, who demonstrate a proven commitment towards inclusion and forging bridges to other communities while at the same time strengthening the sustainability of their organization/ enterprise or business. This is an amazing opportunity to spend one week at Windsor Castle’s, St. George’s House in the UK to network and work on your project with other entrepreneurs, all expenses paid from July 21st to July 29th 2017.

Deadline for applications: Sunday, April 16th 2017 (midnight EST New York)

Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship 2016

The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship represents a unique experience for social entrepreneurs, social leaders, those who practice innovative business for good, from a Jewish /Muslim cultural background (others are welcome as well) and have an interest in cross-cultural dialogue. This is an amazing opportunity to spend about 2 weeks at the University of Cambridge in the UK to network and work on your project with other social entrepreneurs.

Aspire to be an AdR Fellow if you believe you have within you the moral strength and character to lead; and understand that being a leader surpasses personal ambition, it is also service, requiring the will, humility and generosity of spirit to inspire fellow human beings. Aspire to be an AdR Fellow if you believe in reconciliation, peace and the power of business to effect prosperity among all human beings, who should share equal opportunities in this world.

Deadline for applications: Friday, March 18th 2016, 12:00AM (EST New York)

Application guidelines:
1-If you have applied using the electronic form system from previous year please note that the system has been updated and you will thus have to create a new username and password to be able to enter the form.
2-If you face any issues and require a pdf form for application please email.

The AdR Fellowship represents a unique experience for social entrepreneurs, social leaders and those who practice mindful business, from a Jewish /Muslim cultural background (others are welcome as well) who have an interest in cross-cultural dialogue.This is an amazing opportunity to spend about 2 weeks at the University of Cambridge in the UK to network and work on your project with other social entrepreneurs, all expenses paid.

About the Fellowship
Years ago the minds behind the AdR Fellowship recognized three things: One, that there is an urgent need to bring innovation to the field of cross-cultural dialogue; two that a business mindset can be of great value to build tangible impact; and three that there is an exciting opportunity to better expose social entrepreneurs to the knowledge and analytical frameworks offered by social sciences. “Distinct fields such as dialogue and entrepreneurship cannot afford to exist in isolated ivory towers” says Ariane de Rothschild. The continuing disconnect between social sciences and business prevents the emergence of sustainable solutions to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. How can you design solutions for a problem if you lack an understanding of the historical and political context of the people you are trying to help? And how can you do good without going broke? “When blended together, business, academic scholarship and empathy provide an extraordinary force for change” adds Firoz Ladak, CEO of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

Thus since 2009, the AdR Fellows through this unique design thinking model have engaged with a wide range of thinkers and practionners from universities such as Columbia, Cambridge, the University of Montreal, the School of Oriental and African Studies, the London School of Economics and Cornell.

This is what the AdR Fellowship is about: harnessing the entrepreneurial drive of mainly Jewish and Muslim social entrepreneurs to build sustainable impact and at the same time develop a new brand of dialogue and leadership.

The AdR Fellowship is:
Instrumental: in providing the tools that allow the AdR Fellows to think ‘outside the box’ – using their analytical skills to unravel the real issues behind the challenges they face and applying a multidisciplinary approach to design solutions for their projects.
Conceptual: in contributing to the understanding of global issues, reframing debates and understanding history, politics and business theory.
Transformative: through capacity-building and personal development.

Ariane de Rothschild Fellowships in Cross-cultural Dialogue 2015

The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship develops an outstanding network of entrepreneurs and social activists with a genuine ability for innovative thinking and cross-cultural dialogue. By championing a business mindset, civic engagement and impactful leadership, it promotes a unique model for conflict resolution, particularly among Jewish and Muslim communities in North America and in Europe. In a multi-layered approach, the program blends the following capacity building drivers:
*Business Training & Innovative Leadership
*Social Sciences
*Experiential Dialogue

Further information about the program available from the AdR website.

Applications available online. Deadline March 15th 2015, 12:00AM (EST New York)
UPDATE: As a result of numerous requests for deadline extension, the deadline for applications to the AdR Fellowship has been extended to Saturday March 21st, 12:00 AM New York time.

Please view the upcoming Camp Innolead trailer for the 2014 cohort:

The program blends an intense business school curriculum with thought provoking academic readings and dialogue workshops. It targets visionary leaders with strong skills in driving social change, critical thinking and empathy. The AdR Fellow is eager to learn, thinks out of the box and believes in the strength of pluralism. Through an intense summer program followed by a winter bootcamp, the AdR Fellowship helps change makers to strengthen their impact, develop their organization and navigate across cultural differences by a combination of theoretical teaching, tailor-made coaching and peer-to-peer learning.

As the Fellowship continues to expand, we focus on individuals and organizations mainly from Muslim and Jewish communities, although the program is open to everyone working for social change in the following countries: Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, UK and USA. As we move forward, the Fellowship will continue to enlarge its geographical reach.

AdR Fellowship in Cross-cultural dialogue

The Ariane de Rothschild Fellowship is now accepting applications. This unique program blends business training in social entrepreneurship and innovative thinking in social science with experiential dialogue. Fellows will spend two weeks in August 2014 at the University of Cambridge.

Deadline for complete applications is February 9, 2014 (midnight, CET).

NOTE: Application deadline has been extended to Feb 23, 2014

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