CFP ICA 2023: Regional Hub Grant Application

ConferencesCall for proposals: International Communication Association Regional Hub Grant Application, to participate in ICA 2023. Deadline: 1 December 2022.

“In conjunction with ICA’s hybrid annual conference slated for May 2023 in Toronto, Ontario (Canada), the Executive Committee has approved the continuation of our Regional Hubs program. Of course, ideally we would want everyone to join us in person, but for some–particularly those in areas with unreliable personal wifi access–we provide the opportunity to apply for modest financial support as an attendance “hub” for attendees in one area.

The proposed hub in question should nominate one person to fill out the application and serve as the sole point of contact for ICA headquarters. This person should, prior to filling out the application, ascertain how many attendees they anticipate inviting to take part in their hub experience, obtain permission from the facility in question, and include estimated expenses for both in their proposal. For instance, a university’s dean may want to activate a regional hub and can assume the participation of 12 local attendees (from the same region or country). A potential hub proposal might, for example, request:

  • WiFi support (to boost the wifi capabilities of the host site or university for the month in which the conference takes place), and
  • Funding for food & beverage over five days.
  • (NOTE: We discourage submitting expenses for attendee travel as part of your budget, as these hubs are meant to be hyper-local.)
  • The estimated number of attendees you anticipate.

You should base your application on YOUR group’s specific needs. Any funding awarded from ICA headquarters will be given directly to the hub organizer, not to individual attendees of that hub. As with a stand-alone regional conference, receipts and a final budget accounting for costs, with receipts, must be submitted upon the conclusion of the conference.”

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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