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ProfilesAnagha Bhat-Behere is Assistant Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages at Savitribai Phule Pune University in Pune, India.

Anagha BhatWhile her Ph.D. is in Russian, her specializations are in Linguistics, Lexicology, Translation Studies, and Comparative Literature. She founded the journal  Kelyane Bhashantar, dedicated to direct translations from foreign languages into Marathi, and served as Chief Editor (2011-2016).

She has published several translations of Russian literary works into various Marathi periodicals, and compiled a first of its kind tri-lingual Marathi-Russian-German dictionary. In addition, she has published 4 books individually, 4 books as co-author and more than 14 articles in national and international journals.

Published books translated from Russian into Marathi or Marathi into Russian:

Bunin, I. (2003). Sukhadol {A. Bhat & C. Ramdas, Eds. & Trans.). Pune, India: Rohan Prakashan.

Bhat, A. (Ed. & Trans.). (2008). Ot Pushkina do Chekhova Pune, India: Manovikas Prakashan. [Collection of stories by Pushkin, Schedrin, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov into Marathi].

Lermontov, M. Y. (2011). Nayak eka pidhicha (A. Bhat, Trans.). Continental Prakashan. [Translation into Marathi]

Dragunsky, V. (2016). Denis chya goshti (part I,II, III) (A. Bhat, Trans.). Pune, India: Pioneer Prakashan. [Translation into Marathi]

Bhat, A. (Ed. & Trans.). (2017). Rasskazy [Collection of stories by various Soviet writers for children]. Pune, India: Chhatra Prabodhan Prakashan.

Gelasimov, A. (2020). Tahaan aani itar katha (A. Bhat, Trans.). Pune, India: Kalasakta. [Translation into Marathi]

Sathe, A. (2021). My journey to Russia (A. Bhat, Trans.) Pune, India: SPPU. [Translation into English and Russian]

Work for CID:

Anagha Bhat-Behere serves as a reviewer for Marathi.

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