İçten Duygu Özbek Profile

Profilesİçten Duygu Özbek is Professor and Head of the Department of Advertising at Aydın Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Communication, in Aydın, Turkey. Her academic interest areas are international and intercultural communication, advertising, creativity in advertising, storytelling and ethnic marketing..

İçten Duygu Özbek

Özbek graduated in Communication from Anadolu University, then earned both her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees in Advertising at Ege University. She completed her Ph.D. in 2012 with a thesis entitled The relationship between migration and culture in terms of international advertising: Analyzing the advertisements which target Turkish immigrants.

After working at Yaşar University for eight years, she joined Department of PR and Advertising at Aydın Adnan Menderes University in 2014 as an Assistant Professor, rising to Associate Professor in 2017, Professor in 2023, and now serving as Head of the Department of Advertising.

Selected publications:

Özbek, İ. D., & Toker, H. (2021). The representation of Other in Turkish television advertisements. Galactica Media Journal of Media Studies, 3(4), 139-162.

Özbek, İ. D. (2021). Ethnic advertising. In E. Erdoğan & N. Akbulut (Eds.), The evolution of advertising (pp. 341-367). Ankara, Turkey: Gazi Kitabevi, ISBN: 978-625-8494-14-3.

Çallı, İ. D. (2019). Re-weaving the cultural fabric with advertisements: An analysis of television advertisements for Turkish immigrants. In A.İ. Tuncer & P. E. Aytekin (Eds.), İletişim Çalışmalarında Kavramsal Yönelimler [Conceptual intentions in communication studies] (pp. 115-160). Konya, Turkey: Literatürk Academia, ISBN: 978-605-337-203-5.

Çallı, İ. D., & Yetimova, S. (2019). Renault in different cultures: A study of TV commercials in the context of intercultural communication. In M. Aslan (Ed.),  İnterdisipliner Bir Bakışla İletişim Üzerine İncelemeler [Studies on communication with an interdisciplinary perspective] (pp. 65-87). Konya, Turkey: Literatürk Academia, ISBN: 978-605-337-199-1.

Çallı, İ. D. (2016). International and cross-cultural communication. In B. Kılınç & U. Eriş (Eds.),  İletişim Bilgisi [Communication] (pp. 164-182). Eskişehir, Turkey: Anadolu Üniversitesi Yayınları, ISBN: 978-975-06-1917-5.

Çallı, İ. D. (2014). Using halal concept in ethnic marketing: An analysis on food commercials broadcasted in Germany. Anadolu University Journal of Social Sciences, 14(4), 43-56. ISSN 1303-0876.

Çallı, İ. D. (2013). Speaking the same language: Turkish emigrants’ attitudes towards Turkish television advertising in Germany. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 3(17), 267-276, ISSN 2220-8488.


Sharp, B. (2021). Global marketing (İ. D. Özbek, Trans.) In A. A. Bir (Ed.), Marketing: Theory, evidence, practice (pp. 602-635). İstanbul, Turkey: The Kitap Yayınları, ISBN 978-625-7816-22-9.

Work for CID:

İçten Duygu Özbek has translated KC19: Multiculturalism, KC39: Otherness and the Other(s), KC55: Stereotypes, KC105: Acculturation, and KC107: Interculturality into Turkish.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

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