Intercultural Achievement Awards 2021 (Austria)

AwardsCall for nominations: Intercultural Achievement Awards, Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, Vienna, Austria. Deadline: 6 June 2021.

The Intercultural Achievement Award (IAA) is a key project for intercultural dialogue of the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. The award honours successful and innovative projects in the field of intercultural and interreligious dialogue, both in Austria and on a global scale. The award is open to all those who identify and make use of opportunities which positively shape intercultural co-existence. It also rewards those who successfully break new ground in intercultural dialogue, who have mastered a specific challenge through intercultural action, and who promote the dialogue of cultures and religions through their media presence.

Organizers are looking for both large and small projects implemented by organisations or individuals. The IAA specifically promotes intercultural and inter religious projects in the fields of Arts/Culture, Youth, Human Rights, Global Citizenship Education and Integration. The projects need to be either in the process of being implemented or already completed.  Applications are open to both non-profit organizations and commercial organisations. Individuals from civil society can also participate.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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