Graduate Programs in Intercultural Dialogue

Graduate StudyAs of today, there is a new database provided on this site, for Graduate Programs in Intercultural Dialogue. Access it directly from this link, or from the menu, under databases.

The title may be a bit misleading for, in fact, there are no Masters or PhD degrees awarded for Intercultural Dialogue, at least none that have surfaced in searches thus far. However, that does not stop students from writing to CID requesting suggestions of appropriate graduate (postgraduate if in Europe) programs. For them we are providing a list of programs in related areas: Intercultural Communication or Dialogue, various combinations of Conflict / Peace Studies, or Interfaith / Interreligious Studies, or Border Studies. Many more programs emphasize a wide range of related topics, from Social Justice to Human Rights to Migration or Multilingualism. More general degrees typically offer specializations or even certificates which might also be appropriate (so that Intercultural Communication is frequently one area of focus in Communication degrees, Migration can be a focus in Sociology, Negotiation in Psychology, Dispute Resolution in Law, Human Rights in International Relations, Multilingualism in Linguistics, Multiculturalism in Education, etc.). Also, some universities offer interdisciplinary degrees that students can design to meet their specific interests if there is no program meeting their needs.

Before dozens of colleagues in Intercultural Communication decide to write, a clarification. The National Communication Association keeps a list of which doctoral program in the USA teach intercultural communication as part of a more general program of study. But of the 36 entries in the most recent list, only six (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Michigan State University, University at Albany-SUNY, University at Buffalo-SUNY, University of Arizona, and University of Illinois-Chicago) even show Intercultural Communication as a named specialization. And none of them bear the title Intercultural Communication, as do numerous degrees around the world. Since the page for graduate programs being added to the site today is intended to show programs awarding degrees in Dialogue, Intercultural Communication, or any of the cognate areas listed, that is the likely explanation for why your program does not appear. However, this list is a first attempt and will be updated frequently. Please do send an email if you are in, or know of, a program awarding a degree in ICD or one of the cognate areas described which is not listed here.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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