CID Video Competition FAQ 2019

Job adsAs people are learning of the CID Video Competition, they have been asking questions. In hopes this will help others, the questions will be posted, along with answers. As further questions are asked, they will be answered here.

Please read the entry rules carefully! If submissions do not meet the requirements, they cannot be considered for a prize until and unless they are revised. When ready, submit your video.

What exactly is intercultural dialogue, anyway?
Here’s the short answer: Intercultural dialogue requires at least two people, and they have to come from different cultural groups (international, interracial, interethnic, interfaith). It is active (people actually communicating in some way, having dialogue) rather than passive (knowledge in people’s heads). Here’s a longer answer: Key Concepts in Intercultural Dialogue #1: Intercultural Dialogue. For more details, see this list of additional resources.

What about intergenerational dialogue, is that intercultural as well?
NO, intergenerational dialogue within a single culture is not usually considered a form of intercultural dialogue. An argument could presumably be made, but that may be difficult given the short time limit for the video.

Do all forms of social media have to be addressed?
NO, at least one, but as many as you like. Remember that the point is to show how social media influence intercultural dialogue – the goal is NOT to give a history or critique of social media.

Since Google Translate helps people communicate across language barriers when using social media such as Facebook, could that be considered as a form of social media for the video competition? What about Line, a freeware app for instant communication?
YES, both would be appropriate to consider as social media in this context.

Can a group of students submit a video instead of one person?
Yes, absolutely. In fact, that is encouraged, as a way to ensure different points of view.

Can faculty members participate?
NO, this is a competition for students only. Faculty members can serve as informal advisers or critics, and are certainly asked to encourage participation, or even require participation as a course requirement if that suits their needs. But faculty members should NOT be part of the group that actually works on the video, and should NOT be the one submitting a video.

Can audiotapes be submitted in lieu of videotapes?
NO, sorry, audiotapes are NOT videotapes.

Where should videos be uploaded?

Videos should be uploaded here. You have to create an account when you get to the site, with your email, name, and a password. Videos should NOT be uploaded directly to YouTube or any other server.

Help, I don’t understand the directions when I get to the upload site!

When you click on the link, you will be asked to “Login or create an account.” The first time there, you need to create an account. That means you provide your email address, first name, last name, and make up a password which you provide twice to confirm. Then you click on “Register.” At that point you need to answer all the questions on the application. If you don’t finish the first, time, when you go back to the site you will need to choose login. Your email is your “Login ID” and the password is the same one you provided.

My students are having difficulty submitting their videos. Can a faculty member help with this step?
YES, absolutely. The goal is to have student-created videos. There’s no problem with a faculty member helping to get those videos uploaded so they can be entered in the competition. However, please do NOT do it for them – that means, the account should not be in the faculty member’s name. Let the student create an account, and then help as needed with any technical or translations issues.

My students created videos as a course assignment, so there are several to be uploaded. Does each video need to be submitted separately?
YES, absolutely. Each video, whether created by one student or by a group of students, should be uploaded separately so it can be evaluated by the judges.

Four of us worked on a video together. Do we submit it once or 4 times?
ONLY ONCE! A group video should be submitted once, with all students who worked on the video being listed as authors. Choose a student who checks their email fairly often as the one to upload the video, so if there are any questions, they will see the email and be able to respond.

Can 30-minute videos be considered?
What part of “no less than 30 seconds, no more than 2 minutes long” is unclear?

Is there a language requirement for the videos?
YES, the videos must be in English or subtitled in English. Permitting other languages would imply having judges who know all the several dozen languages currently represented on the site, which would be impossible. However, choosing to have most of the video silent, with minimal talking, or using subtitles, are appropriate ways to finesse the language requirement for those who primarily use other languages.

Do the videos have to be live action?
NO, animation was successfully incorporated into several of last year’s submissions. However, a PowerPoint slideshow is unlikely to result in an award.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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