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ProfilesShuzhen Huang is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication Studies at the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Shuzhen HuangOriented around culture and resistance, her work is situated at the intersection of critical intercultural communication, gender and sexuality studies, and critical rhetoric. Her recent research focus is on the communicative practices of marginalized groups and their global, cultural and material articulations through gender, sexuality, race and class, bringing critical rhetoric, queer of color critique, feminism of color, geopolitics, and biopolitics to the forefront of communication studies. Grounded in the critical intercultural tradition, her research explores the complexity of subjectivities and theorizes alternative cultural practices that open up opportunities to extend and rethink dominant frameworks of knowledge. The most recent work that exemplifies her research foci is her recently completed dissertation project, titled “Post-Oppositional Queer Politics and the Non-confrontational Negotiation of Queer Desires in Contemporary China.” In her dissertation project, she investigates the complex dynamic between Chinese queer subjects and their bio-genetic families in a time of queer globalization with the intention to queer intercultural communication and to culturalize queer theory.

Huang has been actively engaged in current scholarly conversations and has earned top paper honors from international, national, and regional conferences. She has served as a reviewer for multiple divisions, including the Asian/Pacific American Studies Division, the Feminist Scholarship Division, the LGBT Studies Division, and the International and Intercultural Division, at regional, national and international conferences in the Communication discipline. She has also been invited as an ad hoc reviewer for a special issue of the Chinese Journal of Communication on civic engagement on social media. In addition, her scholarship extends beyond the Communication discipline. For instance, she has been an active member of the National Women’s Studies Association and served as a panel moderator for the North American Asian Feminists Caucus at the 2014 annual convention and as an ad hoc committee member in 2015.

Selected Publications

Huang, S. (Forthcoming). Beyond the paradigm of same-sex marriage and the sex-love-marriage alignment. In M. Yarbrough (Ed), Queer Families and Relationships After Marriage. New York: Routledge.

Huang, S. (2012). Wenhua ziben yu shenfen rentong [Cultural capital of U.S. television and the identification of Chinese audience]. Journal of Jiangsu Administration Institute, 3, 45-50.

Huang, S. & Zhu, L. (2010). Wangluo shijian zhong de jieceng chongtu [Class conflicts in the cyberspace]. Journal of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, 3, 49-54. [Won the first prize in the People Net Excellent Research Award & Reprinted in 《复印报刊资料》, a journal that reprints important research in humanity and social science and is commonly used as an index of influence in the Chinese academy].

Work for CID:
Shuzhen Huang has served as a reviewer for Chinese translations.

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