CFP International Network for Group Research (Helsinki)

International Network for Group Research (INGRoup) Conference
Eleventh Annual Conference – First held in Europe!
14-16 July, 2016 (Preconference workshops July 14)
Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Helsinki, Finland

Must be received by Sunday, February 1, 2016 (23:59:59, Eastern Standard Time). No extensions to the deadline will be granted.

Societies are dependent on the formation and utilization of groups and teams, making them relevant to countless aspects of life. Accordingly, scholars who study groups can be found across a wide array of disciplines (e.g., anthropology, communication, education, engineering, history, information systems, medicine, nursing, organizational behavior, philosophy, psychology, political science, public health, sociology). The Interdisciplinary Network for Group Research (INGRoup) was created to provide a context for scholars to:
*       Promote communication about groups and teams research across fields and nations
*       Advance understanding about group dynamics through research
*       Advance theory and methods for understanding groups and teams
*       Promote interdisciplinary research

The 11th Annual INGRoup Conference will be held so scholars across disciplines can come together, share information, and learn from one another. The conference program will include paper, poster, symposia, and panel sessions, and a business meeting open to all members so the future of INGRoup can be collectively planned and shaped.

Questions? Contact Program Co-Chair, Ana Passos or Caterina Santos.


Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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