CFP Communication, Media, and Governance in the Age of Globalization (Beijing)

Call for Participants for:
Communication, Media, and Governance in the Age of Globalization

An International Conference Co-Hosted by the Communication University of China (CUC) & the U.S.-based National Communication Association (NCA)
To be held in Beijing, China, June 17-19, 2016

The Communication University of China (CUC) and the U.S.-based National Communication Association (NCA) are pleased to announce a co-sponsored summer conference to be held in Beijing, China, June 17-19, 2016. The conference will be held at the CUC International Convention Center, creating public space for scholars, media practitioners, government officials, and students to participate in open discussions and dialogue. Presentations will be made in English and Chinese, with simultaneous translations available via headsets.

China and the United States are positioned to influence notions of democracy, nationalism, citizenship, human rights, environmental priorities, and public health for the foreseeable future. This international conference will address these broad issues as questions about communication: about how our two nations envision each other and how our interlinked imaginaries create both opportunities and obstacles for greater understanding and strengthened relations. Within the overarching theme of “Communication, Media, and Governance in the Age of Globalization,” the conference will address eight key topics, each to be explored in panel sessions, workshops, graduate student panel sessions, and poster sessions.

Panel Sessions
– Social Media, Freedom of Expression, and the Evolving Roles of Netizens
– Privacy and Ethics in the Digital Age
– Cyber Society and Social Governance
– Strategic Communication in the Global Age: Social Media and Public Relations
– Public Health Communication in an Age of Global Risk
– Rhetorics of Environmental Communication and Sustainability in Times of Catastrophe
– China, the U.S. and the Dilemmas of Terrorism
– Gender, Race, and Identity in a World of Fluid Boundaries

– Digital Divide: Policy and Practice
– Strategic Management and Leadership in Media Organizations
– Health Communication in the Digital Age
– Emerging Communication Pedagogies in the Age of Globalization

Graduate Student Panels
– Online Communication and Social Media in China
– Health, Risk, and the Rhetorics of Catastrophe

Poster Sessions
– Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply for poster sessions on any of the topics above

Call for Submissions
We invite submissions that address any of the panel sessions, workshops, graduate student panels, or poster sessions cited above.

Applicants should submit an abstract (up to 500 words) and/or completed paper. Please delineate whether proposing a panel or workshop session and if you would like to be considered for a poster session. Workshop submissions should be 4 pages (max), include title, rationale, agenda, and presenter(s) bio info. Deadline for all submissions is Jan. 15th, 2016. Submissions should be in Microsoft Word format. Successful applicants will be contacted on Feb. 5th, 2016 with results.

Please send all submissions and inquiries to Dr. Patrick Shaou-Whea Dodge, Assistant Professor Clinical Track, CU Denver and International College Beijing.

Additional Information
In a show of international friendship and support, the CUC and NCA have generously agreed to waive registration fees for all conference participants.

Upon notification of acceptance to the conference, Dr. Dodge will convey to all participants the necessary information regarding lodging, visas, airfare, and other logistics.

Members of NCA’s “Task Force on Fostering International Collaborations in the Age of Globalization” will present updates regarding their work in Research, Pedagogy, and Service & Conferences subcommittees during the conference.

The conference’s local host, the Communication University of China (CUC) plays a leading research role in studying, teaching about, and practicing communication, journalism, and radio and television arts in China. Since its founding, CUC has earned the reputation of being “the cradle of China’s radio and television talent”; it stands today among the top universities in China. Situated on a lovely campus on Beijing’s east side, CUC’s world-class Convention Center will provide a unique staging ground for conference participants to experience the charm and character of Beijing, the political, economic, and cultural center of China.

The conference’s international host and co-sponsor, the National Communication Association (NCA), stands among the largest and leading organizations committed to studying all aspects of human communication. The NCA’s role in this conference is being led by Dr. Dodge, Dr. Qingwen Dong, and Dr. Zhi Li, members of the NCA’s Task Force on Fostering International Collaborations in the Age of Globalization. By linking the NCA to the cause of citizen advocacy and fair inquiry in China, this event advances the core principles of the discipline and the international reputation and reach of the organization.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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