CFP 8th International Conference on Intercultural Communication (Wuhan, China)

Call for papers
8th International Conference on Intercultural Communication
November 20-22 (Friday-Sunday), 2015, Wuhan University, China

Conference Goals
In the construction of cultural soft power at the age of globalization, the “national image” has become the focus of attention. The stand points of the thinking are roughly the following four:Information Capital (the result produced by a range of information input and output between countries), Psychological Perception (cognitive and emotional interaction between in-group and out-group), Brand Marketing (brand equity at the national level) and International Communication(image mutual-construction at media level). Those four points further demonstrate the technical tendency of “national image” study, including commercial brand strategy, one-dimensional public-opinion management, and dominant image perception. However, from the actual situation, the technical definition cannot deal with real problems in national image construction. That is to say,while technicism was pursuing perfect performance of national image, it ignored the pluralistic,open and interactive context, and simply treated the positive and negative, deviation and misread,making both in-group and out-group feel tired and resisted with national image. From the angle of intercultural communication, the definition of “national image” needs to break through single technicism route and turns to inter-subjectivity and interculturality, trying to create a national imagefull of self-renewing vitality in a multiple interactive environment. In the era of media convergence,cultural integration has become a development trend. Inter-subjectivity plays a groundbreaking role in the construction and dissemination process of national image. The communication between ethnic groups breaks the single utterance of national image and injects diverse contents into it. Those diverse contents, in turn, are able to introspect the meanings and problems of ethnic group communication. Therefore, we are eager to discuss “ethnic communication, national image and intercultural communication” in the era of globalization, rethinking the manifestations of cultural centrism,unilateralism, and cultural hegemony as cultural soft power, and looking for reciprocal, creative cultural force to deliver us from the plight of soft power with the intercultural, inter-subjectivity and equal rights as the foundation of ethnic group communication and national image construction.

Conference Topics: Ethnic communication, National Image and Intercultural Communication

Topics include, but are not limited to:
1) Intercultural Communication Foundation of Ethnic Communication and National Image Construction
2) Possibility of Ethnic Communication and Reciprocal Understanding
3) National Image Construction Deviation under the Context of Soft Power
4) Mutual Construction of Traditional Media and National Image
5) Mutual Construction of Social Media and National Image
6) Brand Marketing and National Image Construction
7) Cultural Psychological Problems in National Image Construction
8) Cultural Communication and National Image Construction
9) Comparison between Tourism Promotional Video and National Image Construction

Conference Venue + Cooperating Organizations
Conference Venue: School of Journalism and Communication, Wuhan University, China
Center for Studies of Media Development, WHU, China
Cooperating Organizations: The Chinese Association for History of Journalism and Communication, China
China Association for Intercultural Communication, China
National Image Research Center, Tsinghua University, China

Abstract: 500 words in Chinese or 150 – 250 words in English, including positions, affiliations, email addresses, mailing addresses and the general introduction of your paper. Please submit abstracts by June, 30, 2015 via email.

Full paper: The accepted authors will receive a formal invitation letter by the organizing
committee before July, 10, 2015, and the deadline for full paper is Oct. 10, 2015.

Conference languages:
Bilingual: Chinese and English
Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Ph.D., Professor

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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