Anna Lindh Report 2014 Published

“Book NotesThe Anna Lindh Foundation has just published its second report designed describing intercultural relations in the Mediterranean region; the first report appeared in 2010.

The Anna Lindh Report 2014 again combines a Gallup Public Opinion Poll, representing the voices of 13,000 people across Europe and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region, with a wide range of analyses by a network of intercultural experts. Themes discussed include: social change in the EuroMed region, differences and similarities in value systems; the religious factor in intercultural relations; human mobility; the role of culture in Mediterranean relations; intercultural citizenship; the Union for the Mediterranean and regional cooperation.

A summary of the 10 major findings has been prepared as an infographic. Ilona Sābera Nukševica, a communication designer, has also discussed how she decided to present the findings visually.

Author: Center for Intercultural Dialogue

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, the Director of the Center for Intercultural Dialogue, manages this website.

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