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On April 10, 2013, I gave a talk entitled “Ambiguity as a Solution to the ‘Problem’ of Intercultural Weddings” at Chinese University of Hong Kong. My thanks to Dr. Yves Winkin, currently visiting professor at CUHK, for the invitation, and to his graduate students, who were an excellent audience, asking quite interesting questions relating to intercultural communication.

Winkin, Leeds-Hurwitz

While at CUHK I had the opportunity to meet with several faculty members at the School of Journalism and Communication, including Yuen Chan, Dr. Jack Linchuan Qiu, and Dr. Anthony Fung (Director of the School). Dr. Casey Man Kong Lum happened to be in Hong Kong while I was there, so I also was able to spend some time with him. I am looking forward to seeing several of the same scholars at the International Communication Association‘s convention in London in May 2013.

Leeds-Hurwitz, Qiu, Winkin
Leeds-Hurwitz, Qiu, Winkin

Thanks to Dr. Sidney Cheung (Chair of the Anthropology Department at CUHK) I had the opportunity to join him at dinner one night with a large group of others: from CUHK (including Dr. Joseph Bosco, and Tim Grunewald) media practitioners from Radio Television Hong Kong (the person I had a chance to talk with was Ng Wai In) as well as Natalie Siu, a CUHK alum now in public relations.

Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz, Director
Center for Intercultural Dialogue

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