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ProfilesAndrew Carlin (PhD University of Stirling, 2000) is an ethnographer and information specialist based in England. Currently he teaches Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University.

He has led and participated in numerous ethnographic inquiries in various settings and locations, including Belgium, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and the United States. His doctoral work in Scotland was followed by a postdoctoral position at University College Dublin, Ireland; he returned to UCD as a College Lecturer at the School of Information & Library Studies. He has numerous teaching interests in Sociology and in Library & Information Studies.

His main research interests are the linguistic constitution of research methods and the social organization of scholarly communication; hence, his recent research focuses on Harold Garfinkel’s notion of ‘corpus status’. In a range of international, peer-reviewed journals and edited collections he has written about literature reviews and reference sections as ‘assembled objects’, the discipline-specific auspices of interdisciplinary research, mundane texts, and the social organization of public spaces.

For regular updates on current work see:

Recent publications include:

Carlin, Andrew P. 2017. Navigating the walkways: Radical inquiries and mental maps. Ethnographic Studies. 14, 24-48

Carlin, Andrew P. 2016. On some limits of interdisciplinarity. Social Epistemology. 30 (5-6), 624-642

Carlin, Andrew P. 2014. Working the crowds: Features of street performance in public space. In City Imaging: Regeneration, Renewal, and Decay, Ed. T. Brabazon, pp. 157-169. Dordrecht: Springer.

Carlin, Andrew P. & Slack, Roger S. 2013. Eds. Egon Bittner: Phenomenology-in-Action. Ethnographic Studies. 13, xxi+304

He can be contacted via email.

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