One Small Step: Moving Towards Dialogue

Applied ICDRengers, Carrie. (2021, November 21. “It’s hard to hate up close”: How Wichita’s are taking One Small Step to bridge the political divideThe Wichita Eagle.

It’s hard to hate up close. (Dave Isey, founder of both StoryCorps and One Small Step)

“Wichita is a test market for One Small Step, which brings together pairs of people with differing beliefs for approximately 40-minute recorded discussions aimed at conquering dehumanization across political lines. The point is to search for common ground – not in politics, but in humanity.

Like StoryCorps’ vignettes, One Small Step’s conversations will be stored at the Library of Congress.

…’We’re all socialized to move immediately into debate, and debate is a game to win,’ [Peter T.] Coleman said. He said One Small Step isn’t about debate but dialogue.” (emphasis added)


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