Peace Direct Free Course on Conflict

Intercultural PedagogyConflict Transformation: Your Practical Toolkit for Peacebuilding, Peace Direct, Online course. Deadline: Free until August 31, 2021, available at a cost after that.

Peace Direct has launched a new course for people wanting to learn more about peacebuilding. The course is available online and is free until the end of August during the test phase. The course is self paced, and takes on average between two hours and two weeks to complete. The course can be used by peacebuilders or anyone working in conflict situations, as a practical toolkit for peacebuilding. It is relevant to people working in fields such as: human rights, development, democracy, healing and environmental sustainability as well as other areas of work related to peace. Upon completion, participants should have a greater knowledge of the practical skills and techniques required to resolve conflict and build peace successfully at a local level.

The course consists of eight modules:

  • Perspectives and values
  • Self-awareness and learning
  • Influencing through relationships: conflict and power
  • Violence, peace and healing
  • Participative conflict analysis
  • Strategy and nonviolence
  • Exploring options from ourselves to building a movement
  • Being the change
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