CFP Nordic Intercultural Communication Conference 2017 (Finland)

ConferencesCall for Proposals: 24th Nordic Intercultural Communication Conference: Diversities, mobilities, and cultural identities in the balance; 23-25 November, 2017, Jyväskylä, Finland; Deadline: 25 June, 2017

Human movement and relocation in the 21st century, by choice or in response to human-made or natural disasters, is becoming increasingly common. One outcome of this trend is that many people have become entrenched in, or fallen back onto, defensive lines and discourse as a means to protect their cultural identities. However, engaging dissimilar others–politically, professionally, or personally–from a defensive posture makes productive intercultural interaction and policy making difficult at best, and perhaps unattainable.

This situation poses significant challenges to ongoing peaceful negotiation of cultural identities. In other words, what makes me “me,” you “you,” and us “us”? Whether taken from the perspective of the immigrants, their offspring, host societies, ethnic minorities, or institutional actors operating in the field, the process of identity building and maintenance has always resulted from comparing oneself to “the other,” in seeking out both similarities and differences. It is enhanced or undermined by the stories told within oneself and among friends and compatriots. The process can be productive, mind-expanding, inclusive, and beneficial, just as easily as it can be fraught with contradictions, tension, fear, and reactionary stances.

But who is the owner of a culture or cultural information? Who is allowed to be an “authentic” representative of a culture? When is the assumed nature of a culture–or one’s cultural identity–allowed to evolve and by what means? What is the role of people invested in the field of intercultural communication? What kind of networks, initiatives, best practices, and hopeful ideas can be offered or advanced? How does theoretical insight best intersect with practical challenges?



Nordic Intercultural Communication Conference 2016 (Norway)

NLA University College
in cooperation with University of Agder
Hotel Scandic Bergen City
24th-26th of November 2016

We hereby invite you to the 23rd NIC (Nordic Intercultural Communication Conference) conference which will take place in Bergen, Norway on Thursday 24. – Saturday 26. November 2016. The main theme of this year’s conference is «Communicating knowledge and values in multicultural settings». The conference language is English.

Keynote speakers:
Dr. Sharam Alghasi
Stop building Bridges!

Sharam Alghasi is a media sociologist from the University in Oslo and is associate professor at the University of Kristiania. In his research he examines the relationship between media and society particularly media’s interaction with the multi- ethnic, cultural and religious Norway and his research includes media’s representation of migration and migrant, as well as migrant’s reception of media’ representations. His doctorate from 2009 addresses the relationship Norwegian-Iranians have towards media and the impact of this relationship on issues such as of belonging, community and identity. His areas of interest include analysis of news, debate, documentaries, and current affairs programs.

Dr. Khanna Omarkhali
Transformations of the ‘Mechanisms’ of Transmission of the Yezidi Religious Knowledge: The Effects of Multiculturalism and Literacy.

Khanna Omarkhali is the Assistant Professor at the Institute of Iranian Studies, Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany. She is deeply involved in the issues of Kurdish Studies, Religious Minorities in Kurdistan, Kurdish Language and Literature. She has published widely in the field of Kurdish Studies; mainly on different aspects of Yezidi religious tradition. Her publications include Yezidism in Europe: Different Generations Speak about their Religion (with Ph.G. Kreyenbroek et al., 2009), Religious Minorities in Kurdistan: Beyond the Mainstream (ed., 2014) This year she has completed her Habilitationsschrift The Yezidi Religious Textual Tradition: From Oral to Written. Categories, Transmission, Scripturalisation and Canonisation of the Yezidi Oral Religious Texts (forthcoming).

Dr. Frédérique Brossard Børhaug
Values and Knowledge Education:
How can we raise critical awareness about privilege reproduction intercultural higher education?

Frédérique Brossard Børhaug is Associate Professor of Education at NLA University College, Norway. Her field of specialization is ethics and anti-racist education in French and Norwegian multicultural school contexts, and on Human development and Capability Approach and the VaKE- Values and Knowledge Education – didactical approach in intercultural educational settings.



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