New University in Exile Consortium

Applied ICDThe New University in Exile Consortium (New UIE Consortium) is an initiative created by The New School to confront today’s surging threats to scholars around the world. The New UIE Consortium is a group of like-minded colleges and universities, each of which is committed to hosting at least one endangered scholar. The founding member institutions are: Barnard College, Brown University, Columbia University, Connecticut College, Georgetown University, George Mason University, The New School, Rutgers University – Newark, Trinity College, and Wellesley College.

The New UIE Consortium is designed to do considerably more than temporarily resettle scholars in new institutions. Its mission is to create an intellectual community of the rescued scholars and of the universities that sponsor them—by hosting seminars designed in collaboration with the scholars and their host institutions, as well as, creating workshops, an annual conference of scholars, and other collaborative projects that will bring the scholars into frequent contact with each other and their host colleagues. These activities will have both online and face to face components.

See also the list of past related activities at The New School.

NOTE: As a result of a follower of CID who wrote to UIE Consortium, a caveat needs to be added: at this time the University in Exile Consortium is not equipped to assist scholars outside the US.