CFP Nonviolence & ICD (UK)

ConferencesCall for papers: Nonviolence and Intercultural Dialogue International Conference, 8-9 June, 2019 – London, UK. Deadline: 1 February 2019.

Organised by London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, this conference seeks to explore, analyse and discuss the complex concept of nonviolence as a strategy toward peace and progress. It will apply an interdisciplinary approach to various manifestations of nonviolence and will also act as an academic space to explore solutions for creating peace.

Conference presentations will be related, but not limited, to: Theories of nonviolence, History of nonviolence, Nonviolence and religion, Nonviolence and philosophy, Nonviolence and peace studies, Nonviolence and literature, Nonviolence and media, Nonviolence and art, Nonviolence and culture, Nonviolence and activism, Nonviolence and politics, Icons of nonviolence, Teaching nonviolence.

The conference will bring together scholars from different fields including philosophy, religion, sociology, international relations, history, literature, art, peace studies, cultural studies, political studies and others.