CFP Korean Wave: Diffusion of Korean Pop Culture

“PublicationCall for Book Chapters: The Korean Wave: Diffusion of Korean Pop Culture to be edited by Do Kyun David Kim. Deadline for abstracts: September 15, 2019.

Exploring the diffusion of K-pop culture in western countries, this book aims to provide generalizable analyses that explain why Korean pop culture products (e.g., K-pop songs, TV dramas, movies, foods, beauty items, etc.) have survived and enjoyed increasing popularity in western countries.  While designed to provide “generalizable” analyses on Korean popular culture products, this scholarly project focuses on the popularization of the Korean culture among people in western countries: the United States, Canada, and Europe. Ample research has provided diverse explanations on the influence of western pop culture in non-western countries, however, research dealing with the cultural flow from non-western countries to western countries has been insufficient to provide generalizable explanations.

This project will fill the gap in the research on the globalization of popular culture by providing case studies of the remarkable cultural flow from South Korea to western countries, especially among people who were born and have grown up in western countries.