CFP Invisible Peace Work: Narratives of Hope and Despair

“PublicationCall for book chapter abstracts: Invisible Peace Work: Narratives of Hope and Despair. Deadline: 27 March 2023.

Emi Kanemoto, Eddah Mutua, & Sasha Allgayer seek chapter proposals for an edited book (in conversation with Peter Lang) that provides narratives about individual experiences around wars, conflicts, and violence in/from different regions of the world.  While the primary way people around the world learn of conflict is through media, the world rarely gets to know what happens when the cameras go off. It is the peace scholars, practitioners, and the locals at the sites who are there, seeing, and experiencing. Through this book, they seek to bring out the “invisible” experiences in peace work.

They are specifically looking for autobiographical storytelling to foreground nuanced personal experiences with peace-building scholarship and activism. Their hope is that the stories shared offer an opportunity for scholars and peace practitioners to highlight experiences that engage in purpose and provide directions about ways to sustain doing peace work in the long-term.

Contributors can include scholars and peace practitioners who have experienced war and reconciliation first-hand, as well as those who visit such post-conflict settings in efforts to contribute different ways of understanding peace scholarship and practice. At the same time, there are drawbacks to peacebuilding efforts which are just as important to highlight.

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