Global Challenges Teaching Awards 2022 (USA-UK)


Call for applications: Global Challenges Teaching Awards, USA-UK Fulbright Commission. Deadline: 13 December 2021.

The Global Challenges Teaching Award supports US and UK higher education institution teaching faculty to co-deliver a virtual exchange course for undergraduate students. The calamity of COVID-19 has disrupted every dimension of our lives across the globe. Racial injustice persists in society. Climate change continues to melt glaciers and wreak extreme weather and havoc around the globe. Tackling these global challenges requires global collaboration. International education exchange is one tried and tested way of bringing minds together, but traditional, in-person exchange, is under severe economic and environmental pressure and, crucially, is not a viable option for everyone.

The Global Challenges Teaching Awards support pairs of teaching faculty – one at a US higher education institution (HEI), one at a UK HEI – to co-deliver a virtual exchange programme for undergraduates between their two universities. There are three awards available focusing on three specific global challenges:

  • Racial Justice
  • Pandemics
  • Climate Change

The award is open to faculty across the UK and US and selected grantees will take part in a year-long programme to support the development and delivery of a virtual exchange course.


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