Dialogue for Intercultural Understanding

“BookMaine, F., & Vrikki, M. (Eds.). (2021). Dialogue for intercultural understanding: Placing cultural literacy at the heart of learning. Springer Nature.

This book is a result of an extensive, ambitious and wide-ranging pan-European project focusing on the development of children and young people’s cultural literacy and what it means to be European in the twenty-first century, prioritizing intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.

Maine and Vrikki have edited this collection resulting from a major EU funded project, DIALLS (Dialogue and Argumentation for cultural Literacy Learning in Schools), lasting 3 years, and involving 10 partners around Europe. The challenge “was to create a project that could address how children and young people might develop the knowledge, skills and competencies needed for intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The DIALLS project has met this challenge by working with teachers in different educational settings (pre-primary, primary and secondary) to create cross-curricular resources and activities…In a further innovation and to enable intercultural dialogue in action, the project developed an online platform as a tool for engagement across classes.” (p. 2).

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