CFP Ethnic & Religious Conflict (USA)

ConferencesCall for papers, 7th International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding, White Plains, NY (Hybrid), Sept 28-29, 2022. Deadline: December 18, 2021.

Presented by the International Center for Ethno-Religious Mediation, in partnership with Drew University’s Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict, this year’s theme is Ethnic, Racial and Religious Conflicts Globally: Analysis, Research and Resolution. To increase our understanding of ethnic, racial and religious conflicts in countries around the world, the 2022 International Conference on Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding will consider submissions from multidisciplinary fields of study and practice. Qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods research studies from university scholars and researchers are accepted. Case studies, lessons learned, success stories, policy analysis or design, and best practices from policy makers, practitioners, religious leaders and indigenous peoples are also accepted.
Successful abstracts or full papers shall not only bridge theory, method and practice, but must include findings and recommendations designed to further understanding and inform practical application.

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